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In Kolkata, we have started getting the scorching love from the sun and summer has started knocking our door. In the mid of March, it becomes difficult to go outside during the daytime.

But for working ladies, there is no other option.Β  πŸ™

During this summer time, we face skin itching, body odor etc unavoidable problems and we have to deal with these.

Take cold water baths, change your clothes regularly, use body mists (I love to use body mists after the bath) and use good quality comfortable innerwear.

For my job, I have to spend more than 12 hours outside and I have to wear the same inner wears for long. So I prefer to use high-quality bra and panty for better comfort because I know these things can cause miserable health issues also.

Today I am going to share my best 5 picks of Indian lingerie brands:


best innerwear brand in India
source: Enamor

This brand is my favorite always. I have used their bra and panty wear. You can select your product based on your silhouette and you have options for the T-Shirt, Push-up, Padded and non-padded bras.

Pretty Secret

Lingerie wear brand in India
Source: Pretty Secret

For the last few months, I am using their products.In Kolkata, they have a store in City Center or you can buy their products online also. I think their USP is the fittings. I wear it for 10 – 12 hours and it is so much comfortable and breathable.

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Jockey - Indian Lingerie brand
Source: Google

It is a popular name and we all know about this brand. I have used their lingerie also. So if you have good budgets then buy comfortable lingerie wear from Jockey. I have bought online from their website but before placing the order confirm your own bust size.

Daisy Dee

Best Lingerie wear in India
Source: Google

They are one of the best Indian brands for the cotton bra. And you can select your bra design based on your outfit, like for sarees, salwar and western wear you have individual options.


Undergarments brand in India
Source: Google

If you are not looking for basic bras and panties then this brand is for you. This brand has a large collection of colorful innerwear and it ensures the best fit for all possible patterns. This brand offers a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

Are you looking for the best Lingerie Wear Brands in India?

Apart from these 5, you will get some more Indian and International lingerie brands that all have the exclusive luxuries innerwear collection. According to Reviewsxp.com, in India, you have options for 10 best lingerie brands. So check it out to make your buying process more simple and easy.

One thing to remember, leave your undergarments before going to bed and wear cotton based night dress always.

Which innerwear brand you use and how does it give you the best fit always?

Please do comment below.

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8 thoughts on “A Girly Talk – Inner Wear for Your Comfort

  1. I totally agree, as a working you have to deal with lot of body problems. I was dealing with the fungal infection which is very danger, I have to use the some premium brands inner wear to avoid the itching. I was using Jockey’s bra and penty. The material was premium and comfortable to wear.

  2. I have to use the some premium brands inner wear to avoid the itching.Thanks for this amazing guide.

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