Red Maxi Dress for Summer

Don’t Ditch The RED for Summer – OOTD

During summer, we prefer nude colors, light makeup and all. Vibrant colors just don’t go with summer days. But I love bright colors, it gives me a positive vibes. So I can’t ditch RED for the sake of Summer!! 🙂

I was planning for a day out and was not sure what to wear! First I thought I should pick a light color dress but then I thought lets break the rule with RED. 😉

Summer OOTD by Sayeridiary

Style is not about following the trend rather it is basically playing your own fashion game with ease and grace. Wear something that makes you comfortable.

It was a dayout with friends so I was planning for something easy to carry and trendy at the same time.

Summer OOTD by Sayeridiary

I picked up a red color maxi dress that I bought from a boutique recently. It has an ethnic flavor but it can be worn as a dress too.

I prefer to wear cotton fabric and this dress has nice embroidery thread work. It is a long flowy dress with two front pockets.

Summer Dayout OOTD

Minimal makeup, side parted open hair and a small cute hand created earring – I was ready for the day!

When you don’t have much time for dress up and you need something modish at the same time, such outfit is the best option always.

Summer OOTD - Red Maxi Dress

Few Things to remember:

When you are going for a summer dayout:

  1. Always try to wear cotton blended fabric
  2. Like me you can try bright colors but avoid black always
  3. Keep your makeup simple, don’t overdo
  4. Opt for braided hair, ponytail or loose side parted hair
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I would like to thank Akshata from for introducing me. She is a CA by profession and blogging is her passion. She is a dreamer, a storyteller and shopaholic person.

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And also I would like to introduce Nehal from She is an IT engineer by profession, Good by heart and Mommie of a 5 yrs old cutie pie.Knowing, inventing and advising home remedies and easy ones to all is her way to love people around her.

Be Happy & Stay Stylish

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44 thoughts on “Don’t Ditch The RED for Summer – OOTD

  1. Maxi dresses are so comfy for summers. I personally maxi/midi dresses over something else.
    I loved the 2nd topic from #BloggerBabes for #OpenNTalk
    Keep it up

  2. Your tips surely helps during summers, tried to follow the same during this season so sharing with personal experience. #zarahatkeblogreads #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  3. I couldn’t help but hum Chris De Burgh’s ‘Lady in red’ while reading this post 😉
    Some really handy summer-style tips there…esp agree with the minimalistic makeup look. It’s really sad to see caked faces losing their colour (err…or foundation) in the sweltering heat.
    I especially liked the hand-made earrings. Very chic! 🙂

    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  4. Black Colour can be hard in summers!
    I love the red maxi dress! Looks breathable and stylish!
    #OpenNTalk # BlogAMile

  5. You got it right Sayeri. I also feel that red is too bright for summers. But you have carried it with great attitude. Kudos to you lady.

  6. Usually, people prefer light colors during summer but bright colors can also be included in the list with minimum or resonabler make-up and matching avcesaccess.

  7. The red color ethnic dress looks pretty good. Loved the way you stressed on the use of fabric and also avoiding wearing black. Nice pictures has been captured which will definitely inspire more ladies to buy the outfit.

  8. I love wearing vibrant colours irrespective of the season. Being born and brought up in Rajasthan that’s like an inbred trait. I quite like dress that you are wearing. It’s very breezy and easy to carry, without much effort. All the best for #openntalk, Sayeri. I am from Team Roaring Tigresses #roarwillrock

  9. I have been following your red maxi dress look on Instagram and looks so amazing and comfy as well. Sometimes wearing such vibrant colours gives you a great feel.

  10. Red is an eternal favourite, be it summer or winter. You look stunning in this pretty maxi dress

  11. Red is definitely back this summer. I saw a beautiful red dress with floral print. I was not sure if I should get it but now reading your post makes me want to get it tomorrow. You look absolutely gorgeous x

  12. Loved that lil ear-ring!
    Fallenin love with your line dear…”Style is not about following the trend rather it is basically playing your own fashion game with ease and grace. ” Loved your attitude.
    BTW you aced the look with this vibrant, bright Red maxi gown.
    #OpenNTalk #CorssBorderSisters

  13. Hey Sayeri,
    You have so much SWAG!! Brilliant clicks! You look wonderful in the pictures. The Ganesha earrings totally stole my heart. Waiting to read more posts from you. Keep writing!

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