What makes a good parent: top 10 positive parenting tips to follow

As new parents, we always strive to protect and guide our kids through the tough stages of their lives. The path of life is not smooth and desirable always. So, as your children grow and develop their particular nature, you will experience undesirable and unexpected behaviours from your kids often. However, always you may have not a proper idea of how to help them at this struggling stage. 

However, this can be a frustrating parenting phase. Here, you need to follow positive parenting tips. You will know how to remain calm and encourage your child’s good behaviour instead of undesirable habits. 

The benefits of positive parenting usually focus on teaching kids about good behaviour and how to react to unpleasant situations.

Here, are the techniques to follow as a good parent to help your children to develop healthier behaviours and get better adjusted. 

  • Give your kids a lot more physical attention: Children love their parent’s attention – more like physical attention like cuddles, hugs or holding hands. Show them your affection. Maybe your child is not overly affectionate. Then you must know how your kid likes to be comforted and nurtured.
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  • Plan varieties of activities for them: Kids more generally misbehave when they get bored. Offer lots of engaging outdoor and indoor activities for them. These may include reading, solving puzzle games, science games, building tents etc. 
  • Set definite limits on your kid’s behaviours: Good parenting tips involve setting certain family rules for your children. Let them know about the consequences that will happen to them if they break such rules ever. Make rules that are easy and fair to follow. They should feel fun while following such rules. These may include washing hands before taking a meal, involving in easy household work etc. 
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  • Don’t encourage their emotional outbursts: Children may misbehave sometimes. Don’t encourage such activities. Be cool instead of starting scolding loudly. Give them clear instructions on what to do. Appreciate their behaviour after they have acted as per your instructions. 
  • Avoid expecting too much: Children do misbehave and predictably you will have to face discipline challenges. Trying to be a perfect parent, many of us expect unrealistic things from our kids like a perfectly behaved kid. It will only lead you to disappointment and frustration. So, positive parenting tips are all about transforming your kid into a well-behaved person. 
  • Take good care of yourself: To become a calm and distressed parent, you need to take good care of your physical and mental health. Find a certain time every day to practice some exercise, yoga and pranayama. 
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  • Positive attention, all your child needs: Children are attention seekers. Appreciate their works by providing positive attention to them. Otherwise, they will seek negative attention from you. So, try communicating with your child. Give them love and care. 
  • Guide your kid through their weakness and mistakes: Harsh punishment for a little child is not an effective decision. Affirmative parenting needs to assist your child through the mistakes to develop their strength. Encourage your children – that’s all they need from their parents. 
  • Avoid showing negative reactions to them: Children usually react badly with negative responses like sarcasm, anger and ridicule. These make them feel worse. Use clear and mild verbal instructions to remind them to focus on the right thing. 
  • Be a model parent: Kids are more tend to copy behaviours and habits they always watch on their nearest person. So, being a good parent, try to do things in front of your child that you want your kid to develop. Avoid doing negative activities in front of your child. 
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You will see the good benefits of positive parenting once you follow these above-mentioned tips. Help your child to become a good human being with these parenting tips.


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10 thoughts on “What makes a good parent: top 10 positive parenting tips to follow

  1. Being a positive parent we have to be calm and positive, this pointer is bang on Sayeri. And you are right we shall create a healthy environment and spend quality time with children.

  2. The parenting rules have changed and evolved over the years. I believe it is all about finding the right balance of being Fair, Firm and Friendly with our children. Thanks for the nudge, Sayeri!

  3. I believe parenting is such a beautiful experience and the tips you shared are so nice and I believe that the best way to connect with kids and grow them.

  4. Parenting is a journey and it’s important to understand that everyone has a different approach. However, good communication with kids and limited expectations always work.

  5. One point that made sense to me 100 percent is avoid expecting from kids. Parents often load and overload their kids with expectations. This hits the kid adversely. Instead attention to kids is the mantra for positive parenting.

  6. i believe in all these pointers. sometimes its okay to show a sad part of you so that they know that it is okay to cry when they feel like. but it is also important to explain to them the difference between sadness and tantrums…

  7. Parenting is a wonderful roller coster journey and each and everyone has a different experience. Being gentle and around for ur kids is very important. Understanding them rather than them understanding you is the main thing for me.

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