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Breathe Fresh Vayu Bag: No More Indoor Air Pollution #MAKEHOMESBREATHABLE

“When the last tree is cut, the last

fish is caught, and the last river is

polluted; when to breathe the air is

sickening, you will realize, too late,

that wealth is not in bank accounts

and that you can’t eat money.”

                                           ~~Alanis Obomsawin

These lines haunt me, how could we survive then? We can’t eat money right?? We need fresh and pure air to inhale. Every day the harmful chemicals, smokes, dust particles enter into the atmosphere and make the air dirty. It becomes difficult for animals, plants and human beings to survive. The ozone layer is depleting and global warming is the direct result of it. To protect ourselves from the dust and smoke, we are wearing masks while going outside.

But are we getting pure and fresh air inside our house?

Have we ever thought that the indoor air pollution is distressing us!!

You are scared right?? Don’t be 😉

We have a solution!!

Start using Breathe Fresh Vayu Natural – Air Purifying Bag

Vayu Bag Review

I am using this Vayu Bag for the last two weeks and it helps me to get a pollution free home. This non-toxic, chemical-free Vayu bag will encourage you to live a better life.

A Specially Designed Air Purifying Bag with Advanced 3-layers Filtration Technology

This bag has the 3x extra power, that can be optimized by this layer of filtration. It is designed for Indian homes to remove bad smell, excess humidity and pollutants of different particle sizes.

Vayu Bag - Breathe Fresh

Features of VayuBag:

  • It has activated charcoal fabric for outer covering
  • Safe for Kids and Pets
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Bisphenol A is not present in the bag
  • Eco-Friendly
  • A long shelf life of 2 years
  • Place in direct sunlight once a month to recharge

We are the victims of indoor air pollution:

My husband was born and brought up in a village. He is lucky that he has inhaled pure fresh air, while my lungs are full of polluted particles. ☺ After marriage, we started living in the city of joy ‘Kolkata’, which is popular for its jam-packed traffic.☺

Indoor Air Pollution Solution

Now my husband has a chronic respiratory issue and I too suffer from dust allergy, for which we need to take inhalers. Here comes the role that we need to keep our indoor air pure and breathable.

Uses of Vayu Natural – Air Purifying Bag

  1. It absorbs chemicals and bad odors.
  2. Place it in the washroom to remove bad odor and to absorb the extra moisture.
  3. Harmful chemicals enter into the air and we inhale it through breathing. This air purifier bag absorbs such chemicals too
  4. This Vayu bag can be placed into your wardrobe to remove the bad smell from clothes
  5. Keep it in the refrigerator to avoid smell mixing.
  6. While traveling, keep it inside your luggage bag to avoid bad odors.
  7. Even in the car also, this Vayu bag can be used as an air purifier.

Use VayuBag in Wardrobe


Let’s #MakeHomesBreathable with BreatheFresh

A study says that 82% of Indian homes have unhealthy air quality & 34% of the family members have respiratory problems. Children and women are the main victims.

BreatheFresh is an amazing Indian initiative, with the mission to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and promote simple sustainable clean living at an affordable rate. They have used all natural ingredients in their products and they like to refer their products as “natural green fighters.”

Vayu Bag Review

With this #MakeHomesBreathable movement, we can dream for a pollution free world.

Price: It comes in 3 Sizes:

100 grams for INR 349

250 grams for INR 549

500 grams for INR 899

Availability: , Amazon & Flipkart.

Start using BreatheFresh Vayu bag and make your homes pollution free.

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  1. pythoroshan says:

    This is a wonderful idea. And so many cities in India desperately need this whether they know it or not. The pollution levels are off the hook

  2. BreatheFresh’s Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag is an innovative concept, a much-needed one to combat toxic air pollution in today’s world.

  3. In an environmental condition as in India today, where pollution is such a grueling problem….this seems to be a great solution.

  4. alpanadeo says:

    The loved the name. And the areas it can be used it great. When there is pollution everywhere, Vayu Natural is an awesome solution.

  5. preety85 says:

    Oh my goodness, I really love this concept of purifying air in a natural way… Buying air purifier is not possible for everyone but I think it’s the most pocket friendly way to save our kids from indoor pollution

  6. this is such a simple concept of air purification at homes, specially with kids around , one must get this. a little over prized i must say.

  7. This vayubag is a great concept! It has so many benefits and the fact that it is pet safe and child safe makes it totally useful and handy.

  8. What a fab concept! Loved it. It will be a blessing to have this bag now during the monsoons. Thanks for sharing, Sayeri, will check it out!

  9. This is one innovative idea. Just a bag can take away toxins from your surroundings be it refrigerator or bathroom your surroundings will be clean! Mind blowing

  10. Yes , totally agree with you here as I have been using this product and absolutely love it.

  11. wow yaaa.. such an innovative and useful thought

  12. Sounds a great product Sayeri, its gonna be monsoon and I really wanna have it to absorb all the humidity and keep air clean and fresh

  13. I truely love the concept of vayu bags.. natural air purifiers that purify the indoor air! What can be better than this! Gotta get a few for my home ❤

  14. This product is definitely the need of the hour. Breathing fresh air inside home is guaranteed.

  15. This is such a brilliant concept by Breathe Fresh to keep the air around us clean and pure. I am definitely going to recommend this to my friends and family.

  16. I need this badly now. Because of monsoon the house smells weird. This is a great idea to keep room air cleaner and pure.

  17. I have seen Air purifying machines but totally new to the air purifying bags concept. I love this and would love to try specially for my parents.

  18. We too have this and we love it. Anything natural and organic are our favorites. It’s worth of its kind.

  19. Hi Sayeri, glad you brought this up dear, I am v happy to know about Vayu natural. It is an absolutely worthy value for money product. Am sure trying this out.

  20. We need to cleanse the air we breathe. This is a natural way to purify air rather than expensive machines.

  21. I need it for my clothes since in rain there are a lot of unwanted air bacterias around.

  22. I have been personally using it and really like the product.

  23. Wow. Sounds like a great product. Inwould definitely use it in my toilets as well as wardrobes.

  24. Clean Air is the need of the hour. This is an excellent natural product. Thanks for sharing.

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