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Fresh All the Time: Off the Job Makeup for Teen Models

Maintaining an image is considered one of the essential responsibilities that models need to uphold. This is especially true for those whose names are already familiar among the general public or whose faces are associated with a famous brand.  Therefore, even when a young model is not working, she needs …

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Low Cost Styling: Tricks To Take Advantage Of Your Clothes

You don’t need a big budget to dress in style. Updated basics and well-chosen accessories will work the magic in your closet. 1. Striped! If you want to take a jacket suit a little seriously, a good idea is to change the classic shirt for the casual touch of a …

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Easy Ways to Handle Menopause

What is menopause – The end of reproductive period in a women’s life. Her menstrual cycle stops. This is when the body starts producing less estrogens and more progesterone. From normal to heavy flow she starts experiencing, hot flashes which sometimes becomes difficult to manage with harsh chemicals. It is …

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Feminine Intimate Wipes – Keep Yourself Fresh & Clean

Now you can enjoy a handy sanitizing for down there. If you want to pamper yourself with the most hygienic way possible, intimate wipes are the best way to cater the purpose. Personally, I have used everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes which are very tender intimate wipes that you can …

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Bikini Hair Removal Cream with Least Sensitivity

Everteen Bikini Hair Removal Cream came to my easy rescue…now I am confident & happy 🙂 It’s indeed necessary to look clean shaved and chic especially while you are hitting on for a party or slipping on beach dresses. I tried using many products for waxing my bikini line and …

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Don’t Miss Zinc Supplement Consumption, Here’s why?

Our body naturally has the ability to produce zinc, deficiency of which must be obtained through zinc supplements or through dietary consumption.  Why Zinc supplement is necessary? A trace element for healthy immune system, after iron. Lack of Zinc makes one susceptible to various diseases. It’s necessary to stimulate the …

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How to keep your vagina clean and smelling Good

What is vaginal hygiene? In India, this is the less discussed topic among women. Ironically this is regarded as taboo. I have realized that this is the topic that must be brought into the light and discussed. Like other parts of your body, I believe that keeping the vagina clean …

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Engagement Ring Shopping Guide

With the many choices available, jewellery shopping can be overwhelming, especially if it’s for an occasion as special as a marriage proposal. But, if you keep your eyes on the essentials of high quality jewellery, then you’ll find engagement ring shopping as a rewarding experience.  So, what should one look …

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Save Fashion ‘Not’ Just for the ‘Runaway’

In a fashion industry filled with pomp and grandeur – it’s their uniqueness in ‘design’ that is worshipped, helping them stand out among the crowd. An industry always bubbling and moving with experimentation and innovation – ‘protecting their unique emblem’ or ‘trademark’ becomes indispensable. But Why? Indeed it is essential …

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