Tips to Select The Best Wedding Planner in Goa

Hiring a wedding planner to help you get through the big day without stress is no longer restricted NRI marriages and big budget Bollywood movies. With the trend of destination wedding on rise in India, more and more couples here are hiring wedding planners to make their special day flawless. …

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Engagement Ring Shopping Guide

With the many choices available, jewellery shopping can be overwhelming, especially if it’s for an occasion as special as a marriage proposal. But, if you keep your eyes on the essentials of high quality jewellery, then you’ll find engagement ring shopping as a rewarding experience.  So, what should one look …

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Pre-Bridal Spa and Massage

Bride-To-Be? Get the Glow with Pre-Bridal Spa and Massage Treatments!

6-months of courtship before wedlock, feisty fetishes, keep revisiting your mind every now and then. From ‘I want to look beautiful’ to ‘whether I would look beautiful’ on my D-Day – every bride yearns for the showstopper moment with her sunshine! Your vivacious appearance depends on the smooth and silkiness …

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wedding reception venue india

What One Should Not Do While Selecting An Event Venue

What Not To Do When Selecting Wedding Venues In Chennai? What’s the most stressful part of a wedding? Planning it. What the most stressful part of planning a wedding? Finding the venue. These are facts of life that cannot be changed. When you go looking for a wedding reception venue, …

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Best Wedding Ring Design Ideas for the Love of Your Life

Couples in love exchange wedding rings along with their vows to express their lifelong commitment to each other. In as much as these wedding rings symbolize eternal love, these pieces of jewellery are also expected to last even beyond their owner’s life spans and even if they are worn every …

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Day Goes Without Hitch

A significant portion of the stress that goes hand-in-hand with getting married relates to the anticipation that something could go wrong at a moment’s notice during the day. In reality, it rarely does – but it’s your big day, so any carried anxiety is going to detract from one of …

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