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SayeriDiary.com is my personal blog focussing on beauty, makeup and fashion trends, product reviews and general beauty advice. I would like to receive contents from you in the same niche.

Don’t worry I will give you the link at author bio section. Sorry, Link in the content body is PAID. 😉 drop me mail at [email protected] to discuss the charges.

I accept blog posts under the following categories:

  1. Beauty & Makeup
  2. Fashion
  3. Motherhood
  4. Bollywood Talks
  5. Product Reviews

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Link Submission Policies 

  • Links only to your personal blog/website/Social Media Page will be allowed.
  • Affiliate, sponsored, keyword links not allowed for free posts.
  • Links will be posted in the author bio section. Additional links in the post will not be allowed.
  • Link in body is allowed for paid posts only.

Feel free to drop a mail ([email protected]) to discuss possible post topics or if you have any queries.