My Experience – FBB BlogStar – A Wonderful Event

“Hello Sayeri, This is Sanket from FBB. You are selected as a #FBBBLOGSTAR, our Mumbai event is on 15th, we will arrange the flight ticket for you and share other details too.”

I was on my way to home from my office, daily routine, crowded train all was same but that call from Sanket made me literally blank. It was so sudden and so surprising that for sometimes I lost, I forgot where I was going. 🙂
I called my husband first and shared the news with him and then with my Mom too. They were also very excited and I have got full support from them.

I am so glad to share the news that I am one of the 30th fashion bloggers across India.

But truly speaking, I was not very confident. It was my first fly, first time at Mumbai and all alone.

My son is only 2 years old and I never stay anywhere without him so that was another concern for me also. But I believe in God and he is the driver of our life. What he is doing all for our good. I thought in that way and asked him to take the decision for me.

Finally, the day came, my flight was at 6.50 of the morning so I had to leave at 3.30am. It was a winter night and so cold outside. My husband came for see off. As I said it was my first fly so I was completely unaware of everything. One of my colleagues Paramita told me the process and I just followed her blindly.

It was Indigo flight and FBB was booked breakfast for us also. From Kolkata, we were three, me, Oindrila and Sayan. I was so excited and enjoyed the journey. Fortunately, I got the window seat and so got the opportunity to explore the beauty of Kolkata with Eagle view 🙂

When I saw outside it was like a cloud sea and I was so overwhelmed by the scenic beauty and took some random clicks too.

Finally, at 8.10am we reached Mumbai and received by one of the FBB members, Snehal. They have selected 30 bloggers all over the country for that event. Bloggers from Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Goa also joined with us and we all started our journey towards the “Beatle Hotel” (our venue for the event). It took around 50minutes by bus from the Airport.

The arrangement was really great and we got a very warm welcome from FBB. Gargy from the team Pumpkin was the host and she has done a great job. The two marketing heads of FBB gave us a good speech too and they have explained us the reason behind that blogger’s academy.

The celebrity guests were Bollywood Designer Nishka Lulla and famous Youtuber Larissa DSa.

Nishka shared fashion tips with us and it was a very interactive session. I am so lucky I got the chance to click with her.


Larissa also shared her journey as a successful YouTuber with us.

They have arranged lunch for us and we enjoyed a lot. There was a microblogging competition too. They have given us fashion clothes kind of stuff and asked us to style with that. What we did

We took one cloth piece, took pics wearing that and posted on our blog/twitter/Instagram. Winners got some goodies. I have participated but I was not the winner 🙁  (The image was blur.)

Anyway, it was a fun doing that.

I personally loved the speech by Monica, a PR professional. She is a good speaker and we all loved the way she was interacting.

After Tea break (with chocolate cookies 🙂 ), we all have got a certificate and a gift hamper from FBB.


The hamper contains:

1. One customized Diary

2.One customized calendar

3. One Pen

4. One piece of white cloth (to shoot pics for our post)

5.One selfie-stick

6. Gift voucher worth 2500 INR

We signed a contract form also to confirm that we are in the FBB Blogstar Academy. I couldn’t remember the T&C now, would share once I get the copy of this. The event ended up at 6 pm. I have got few names in my friend list from there 🙂

I became friends with Sapna, Oindrila, Sayan, Nivedita, Ankita. We took selfies, exchange phone no and we all are even excited for the next meet.

We came at the domestic Airport by a bus arranged by the team. It took almost an hour and Mumbai traffic is horrible I must say. Finally, our flight to Kolkata was at 8.10 and I reached home at 11.30pm.

It was an eventful day for me and I would like to mark the day as a memorable one.

What positive things I have got from this FBB Blog Star Event:

1. I have got a good exposure as a blogger

2. It helps me to be more confident

3.I have made some friends there(for bloggers, networking is important).

4. Fashion tips from the designer Nishka Lulla

5.Last but not the least, I have got 2500 INR gift voucher for shopping 🙂
I have bought a sweater yesterday from FBB store 🙂

As a budding blogger, this event will help me a lot in future. A Big Hug to FBB #fREAKINbLOODYbRILLIANT



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8 thoughts on “My Experience – FBB BlogStar – A Wonderful Event

  1. Keep it up Di, your work is well appreciated! And your blogs are making me more shopaholic 🙂 All the best!

  2. Awww such a cuuuuute post! Loved reading every bit of it. You took me back to the day of the event ! We didn’t get a chance to interact much but would love to keep in touch n know more abt u! All the best dear n welcome to the world of fashion blogging 🙂


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