8 Best Mosquito Protection Tips – Stay Happy & Healthy!

Dear Mosquito, No more bite, please! 🙂 🙂

A small tiny insect can make your life miserable. Their single bite can be harmful to you. I have diagnosed with Malaria twice.

I think Mosquitos have a special connection with me. They love me so much! 🙁

It was just 2 months before my wedding day; I had typhoid and malaria at the same time. After 6 months, I got the same high fever with terrific shivering and doctor told that it’s Malaria again.

tips for mosquito protection

In human, malaria is caused by four different species of Plasmodium: P. falciparum, P. malariae, P. ovale and P. vivax.  According to CDC Gov, In P.vivax and P. ovale, parasites can remain dormant in the liver for several months and can relapse again. It happened in my case.

Don’t worry; malaria can be cured by proper and immediate treatment.

General Symptoms of Malaria:


High fevers and Chills


What was my experience?

I had typhoid also and I was feeling extremely sick, couldn’t eat anything and experienced a high fever. The first doctor advised immediate hospitalization but then my parents consulted a new doctor. He gave the full assurance and did the treatment at home.  Proper medicine and nursing are important always.

Other Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes:

Apart from malaria, mosquito bites can cause life-threatening diseases like dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, encephalitis etc.

As a responsible citizen, it’s our duty to keep the locality clean and mosquito free.

Tips for Mosquito Protection

  1. Keep Your House Clean: Your house should be neat and clean. Mosquitoes love dark corners of the rooms. Wash your floors on daily basis and remove all unwanted things.
  2. Wear full sleeve Clothes: Try to wear full sleeve shirts and trousers while going outside.
  3. Drainage System: In your locality drainage system should be good. Cover the drains and spread bleaching powder outside of your house.
  4. No More Standing Water: Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water. Remove broken tub, empty pot etc even a bottle cap can be their place to lay eggs.
  5. Use Mosquito Cream: Remember, a small bite of a mosquito can be dangerous for your baby. Use mosquito cream on daily basis. I am using Goodknight Cool Gel mosquito cream for my kid. I have used other mosquito repellent cream, but I hate that typical smell and my son didn’t like it too.
Mosquito Repel tips
Source: Goodknight

Why is Goodknight Mosquito Cream good choice for your family?

  • Soothing and Cooling effect of Aloe Vera
  • Skin-friendly – no irritation and itching
  • Pediatrician certified as child safe
  •    Gives 8 hours full protection

Price: The tube costs INR 75 only

In my room, I use Goodknight Power Activ + System always.

 I have used their other products also like Fabric roll on, fast card, and low smoke coil.

  1. Home Remedies: Lavender oil & coconut oil are good mosquito repellents even camphor is very much effective too.
  2. Use Mosquito Net: You can cover the windows with a good quality mosquito net to get the permanent solution. Do not forget to use a mosquito net while sleeping.
  3. Do Awareness Campaign: You can take the initiative and do awareness camp in your locality. It will help people to know more about mosquito protection.

Monsoon is the time for heavy rain. And we observe water logging everywhere, especially in Kolkata, the situation is worst. If you get heavy rain for a single day then the main IT hub goes under water. This is the scenario and we are dreaming about a city like London!!

Standing water is the best place for mosquito breeding! So when the drainage system is not under your control, you have to follow the above tricks to make your home mosquito free at least.

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33 thoughts on “8 Best Mosquito Protection Tips – Stay Happy & Healthy!

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Thank you for these valuable tips. It was much needed in this rainy season. It is important to keep our surrounding clean and spread awareness among people.

    Thanks again, have a good day. 🙂

  2. I need to get some of the good knight products for my home. My parents trust this brand and been using the mats and machines for years now. Thanks for sharing tips.

  3. Time for kids to enjoy should not be stopped and this is best that we have mosquito protection for kids

  4. I swear for Goodknight Fabric Roll, its pungent smell keeps mosquitoes at bay and kids safe. We traveled recently to mosquitoes infested zone, but GoodKnight kept us safe and happy.

  5. I had bought this for myself but never got to using it. Thanks for sharing this post ive just added this little bottle to my bag.

  6. thanks for the tips and sharing the post, it’s just the time of water collection and mosquito breeding in monsoons. i’d certainly use the good knight mosquito repellant creme. i so want to end this one sided love connection between mosquitoes and me.

  7. Yes that’s true we all should protect ourselves with the mosquitos and good knight is the best to take of care of us from the mosquito bite

  8. I like the idea of a fabric roll on as many people are sensitive to the mosquito repellents when applied directly to the skin.It will really be a good idea to use it for babies too .

  9. What a great write up! I have just recovered from chikungunya and all this info came super handy.

  10. It’s rainy season and the mosquito menace is at its peak. Thank god for the different variants of GoodKnight that help to keep these blood-sucking monsters at bay!

  11. I wasn’t aware that even Camphor was a repellent Anyway I have tried this gel lately and I am liking it more so I guess I will stick to it 🙂

  12. Aah.. I was sad to know what you went through, but I am very happy that I came across this informative post. I was not aware of some ways and products that you have mentioned here. I will surely try it out. And yes GoodKinght has always been a top choice for me.

  13. Keeping kids safe and healthy and yet not to spoil their childhood best part of playing I think these are best precautions we can take !!

  14. I remember using good knight roll on since Tigger was around 1 week old. Such trouble those mosquitoes are otherwise. Am glad it’s a choice that doesn’t harm babies.

  15. Oh God Malaria and Typhoid together, you would hve had a tough timeSayeri. It’s better to take all the precautions you enumerated.

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