Fundamental Bag Guide: The Goyard Anjou

The Goyard  is a famous handbag brand, that dates back to mid-19th century France. It provides no product listings of any kind on its websites and sells its wares in only a handful of locations worldwide. However, the fact is that the Goyard is one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to its Goyard Anjou designer bag in the world. It’s loved by busy moms, frequent travelers and anyone who likes a lightweight, functional tote that can hold a ton.

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So, here is one of the latest trendy bags; the Goyard Anjou, which means a lot for many fashionistas who keep up with the most awesome and beautiful handbag brands and trends. Lately Goyard announced one of its new bags called Goyard Anjou Tote. It’s the most popular handbag of this brand at the moment. The Anjou fits perfectly alongside the St. Louis. It’s both fashionable and versatile. You can see classy options with one side featuring plain leather, with the well-known Goyard print on the opposite side in black and white colors as well as more playful versions in brighter shades such as yellow, red, burgundy, blue, orange etc.

The Goyard Anjou handbag comes up with two main sizes. You can find it in the PM (petit model) and GM (grand model). For this bag the prices start with $2,080 for the black and tan options go up to $3,180 for the Goyardine colors that grab more attention and look fancier.

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As for the quality, it’s superb and pleasing. Compared to many handbags it’s quite light and easy-to-care. You’ll surely love the option of showing the monogram in its entirety or having it peek out of the inside with the plain leather showing fully. This handbag is considered as reversible handbag and if you have had such before then perhaps not all of them were easy to flip inside out. But the Anjou is not only light like a piece of feather but remarkably flexible and easily turns inside-out. You can see a removable pochette inside, which means that it’s definetly a unique bag to have. The handles are generally sturdy but also light and effortless to slide over your shoulder.

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Here you see some examples of these bags with the matching Residence luggage tag, but the tag is not included with the bag. The Residence luggage tag is actually $330 for black and $425 for other versions. It’s an exclusive style and design combination for the most stylish women.

Check out the prices and colors of the Goyard Anjou to decide which one fist your preferences and meets your interests. Opt for the one that can highlight your style and bring out your outfits with their colors and details. A trendy handbag is sometimes all you need to make a style statement.

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Black with black detail & black with tan detail:

PM (petit model) $2,080

GM (grand model) $ 2,450

Additional Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue,, Navy, Burgundy, White, Grey

PM (petit model) $,2,700

GM (grand model) $3,180

source: purseblog

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