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Keep Your Home Clean – Say Yes To Hygienic Living

It’s not how big the house is,

It’s how happy the home is!

As I said earlier also, I am a homesick person and I prefer to stay at home during weekends. Your home should be neat and clean. Bacteria and fungus become more active in dirty, unclean places. So dusting and cleaning should be done on daily basis. Especially when you have a kid, you have to be very careful about the hygiene part.

I encourage hygienic living and prefer to use organic products only. Because organic products are free from chemicals and safe for the kids too.

Last month, I have got a big hamper from the brand Herbal Strategi.

Let me tell you all, few lines about the brand:

Herbal Strategi offers herbal home and pet-care products. All their products are 100 % Vegan, free of artificial ingredients, and not tested on animals.

They have insect and rat repellents, natural cleansers, scents, soap, sanitizer and dog care products.

I have received the following products and hence sharing my honest review here:

Herbal Strategi

Mosquito Repellent: We live on the first floor, we use a mosquito net but still I use this spray for better protection. It is mentioned over the bottle that keeps the windows and doors closed while using it and do not use in front of the kids. The spray works quite good but my suggestion is leaving the room after the spray for at least 1hour keeping all doors and windows closed. Otherwise, the smell will make you uncomfortable and it’s difficult to breathe.

The Ant Repellent: I have asked my mom to use it in their kitchen. It really helps to get an ‘ant free’ kitchen

The Cockroach Repellent: Generally, in our kitchen, there was no cockroach at all. But last month I saw small cockroaches are roaming here and there. It’s really unhygienic and I wanted an immediate action. It was our kitchen and we have a kid so we couldn’t use the market-friendly chemical repellent rather we use this herbal strategi cockroach repellent. It is mentioned over the bottle that you have to use the spray for 10 days but trust me in our case, it works within a day. We did one spray and still, now there is no cockroach. The smell is so strong and lasts long. These are organic so I have used easily without any fear.

Herbal Strategi

The Floor Cleaner: They have a floor cleaner too. We are using it daily (once in a day) while cleaning the floor. It is normal like other floor cleaners but the best part is it has no organic chemicals. Not harmful for kids.

The Kitchen Cleaner: You can clean your gas-stove, kitchen tiles with it.

The Dish Washer Liquid: Our maid doesn’t like it because there is no bubble at all. But I know how good it is for our health. It has only organic ingredients good for our health.

Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick: I know how bad the mosquito coils are but I didn’t have any other option. But this incense stick is too good. It is made of lemongrass, eucalyptus, palmarosa, and neem. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals so safe for the kid and entire family too. And really it has the power to say ‘bye bye’ to the mosquito.

Hand & Toilet Seat Sanitizer: I am working and I travel 3 hrs daily. So you can understand how important these two things are for me. I always carry the sanitizers to ensure better hygiene.

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Glass Cleaner: I prefer to clean glasses with cotton clothes. But my husband tried this product last week. Instead of water, he has used this spray and it worked better than water.

Room Freshener: They have sent me one room freshener also. I have used it but the scent doesn’t stay long.

Apart from all these products, I have got one Mosquito Repellent Body Spray also. Basically, I keep it for the guests.


All of the products are affordable. Low priced.


Amazon, Flipkart, Organic Shop and Herbal Strategi Website

My Experience:

Herbal Strategi

I generally prefer organic products because chemicals are harmful to you and your family also. I have used their products and I am happy with the result. The experience is really satisfying and in future, I have a plan to buy from their website too.

But one thing I don’t like is the smell. The repellent sprays have a strong fragrance. But this is because of the eucalyptus oil I guess which is good.

I am strongly recommending their products because of three reasons.

  1. Organic – no chemicals
  2. Low Priced
  3. PETA Certified, cruelty-free & Vegan

Try their products and share your experience with me too.

Their high-quality herbal products will help you to move away from the daily use of dangerous chemicals.

So let’s keep your home clean and say yes to hygienic living.

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9 thoughts on “Keep Your Home Clean – Say Yes To Hygienic Living

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Good post! I have been facing problems with ants in my kitchen and I must tell you it is such a pain getting rid of them. I have tried few products however none have been able to get rid of them completely. This product looks good and since they are organic thats an added advantage. I will try them out and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good day. 🙂

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