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Super ‘MOM’s Sridevi and Rani Redefines life’s ‘HICCUP’

It’s difficult to be a ‘MOM’ especially when life throws so many ‘hiccups’ in personal and professional life.

Rani in Hichki
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Crossing these barriers and having more than 20 years of stint career in Bollywood, Rani Mukherjee has made a recent comeback with her movie ‘Hichki’.

Mom - Sridevi
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It’s just 2 days and one month, the late legendary actress Sridevi received the Dada Bhai Phalke Award for her stellar performance in the movie ‘MOM’ for playing the role of an avenging mother killing rapists one by one.

Her rage outpoured through her movie gives us an experience of the pain, agony a rape victim goes through!

But the tactics she undertakes and the role she plays as a vigilante against the rape of her step-daughter Arya in the movie gives a message to the society especially at a time when the whole India is fighting for this injustice.

Delhi has been used as a backdrop as the city became eventually infamous and famous at the same time for its inglorious rape incidents every year.

Nirvaya RApe
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Nevertheless to forget Nirbhaya’s rape…which still send shivers down the spine?

In 2012 it was Nirbhaya….2 days before it was Asifa who was raped in the Hindu temple…

Delhi or Kathua..Muslim or Hindu

The ‘Girl’ is just lost between the names

Rapists roam freely even after brutally destroying the life of a ‘poor’ girl who seems to be an apple of their parent’s eye.

Though relevant rape outrage across India, judiciary remains closed ears and tight lipped and not infringing severe punishments to those monsters!

To talk about Sridevi, her life was full of hiccups. From marrying Boney Kapoor to being kicked in her stomach publicly by her mother-in-law at a hotel lobby to her sour relationship with her sister over property issues.

Hence, then being forced to acting by her mother at an earlier age – her life and death has still been a mystery with added ‘hiccups’ in it.

This is when Rani proves her acting prowess in the movie ‘Hichki’ (hiccup) that life may seem daunting at times, but it’s you who needs to pick yourself from the broken pieces.

Rani in Hichki
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She plays the role of a teacher in an elite school in Mumbai. In this movie she suffers from ‘Tourette’s syndrome’ in which she makes strange vocal tics while communicating with the 9F section, full of underprivileged children from the slums. It seems every other teacher had failed teaching this section due to these children’s unruly behaviour. It was Naina Mathur’s (Rani) unwavering confidence which made the school authorities desperate to hire her.

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Despite hurdles, she makes these rebellious students responsible adults who bid farewell to Rani at the end.

Sridevi or Rani – never leaves us surprised with their experimental roles in every 2-4 years gap.

The former was a legendary star and is now shining like a ‘star’ in the sky while the latter leaves no stone unturned with her comeback in ‘Hichki’.


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10 thoughts on “Super ‘MOM’s Sridevi and Rani Redefines life’s ‘HICCUP’

  1. I am looking forward to watching this movie. I have watched and loved Sri Devi Ji’s movies and yes she was legend. Rani is so talented as well. Thanks for the review,


  2. I agree about your thoughts on how Mom the movie showed a mother avenging the brutal rape against her daughter. I have to still watch the movie. Netflix here I come tonight :). Great review of Hitchki but I am nit a big rani fan….

  3. You know I was waiting for your review on this movie. Just love the way to detail each and every plot.

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