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Paso Doble – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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Paso Doble is a Spanish dance form but it became so popular in the higher society of Paris during 1930s.The Paso Doble has both Spanish and French characteristics but the dance remind you the bullfight. It has flamenco-like qualities also throughout the dance as the man and woman challenge each other.

How to perform this dance?

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In French, the word ‘Paso Doble’ means Two Step which refers to the powerful walking style. In this dance form, steps are taken with the heel forward but keeping the back leg in place to create a long straight leg line. This dance is influenced by ‘Bull Fight’. Here the man emulates the role of Matador while the lady represents the matador’s cape moving with graceful curves that emulate the flow of a cape around the man.

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The male dancer keeps his center forward, creating an optical illusion as he turns his body in different directions. Movements by the male are proud and quick, in strong defiance, while the hand and arm gestures (particularly of the female) are often graceful and fluid. This dance is lively, dramatic with long sweeping steps and aggressive movements.

Sometimes, the female plays the role of a bull and challenging each other by performing Flamenco dance steps.

This dance needs space and it can be performed during ice dancing too.

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Paso Doble - Instruments
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The first music of Paso Doble was taken from bull fight. The time signature is 2/4, which is why the Paso Doble translates into “double step.” The tempo of this music is brisk at 60 beats/minute. The instruments used are the trumpet, trombone, oboe, piano, tuba, guitar, and percussive instruments such as the clapper.  The music represents passion and enthusiasm as a matador goes up against the bull.


Paso Doble - #DanceKaPunchnama
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The traditional Paso Doble male costumes should look like a matador’s costume which consists of pants and bolero jacket with white shirt and tie. As the women represent the matador’s cape so the female costumes often include a red full skirt. The male and female costumes should complement each other in color and style.

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With modern music, the costume can be changed as well. Instead of bolero jacket, the male can wear black vinyl suit with chrome appointments while the female can wear a black vinyl dress with a full skirt.

Paso Doble - Spanish Dance
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Shoes and Accessories:

Paso Doble Dance
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The female dancers wear high heel shoe with ankle strap or high heel boots. Male dancers can wear a black dance shoe or boot. Female can wear black lace shawl or gloves and black fan to add the Spanish touch on the costume. Male dancers can wear a matador’s hat, cummerbund or even a mask with his costume.

Sharing here some videos of Paso Doble Dance:

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What will be my next dance form for the letter ‘Q’?

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