Low Cost Styling: Tricks To Take Advantage Of Your Clothes

You don’t need a big budget to dress in style. Updated basics and well-chosen accessories will work the magic in your closet.

1. Striped!

If you want to take a jacket suit a little seriously, a good idea is to change the classic shirt for the casual touch of a shirt. If you also choose the stripes, you can rock multiple styles like bodysuit outfits, cardigans, shirts and more! 

2. Striped Shirt

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For winter, change the typical navy blue stripes for others in black and white, which combine better with the gray palette of the winter wardrobe.

3. Backpack

Change the typical bag for a backpack when you feel like modernizing your look. Sports clothes and accessories are very fashionable, but look for a sober and minimalist line backpack, because it is easier to combine with everything.

4. The Loot

Choose it in a masculine style but with an air of tendency. This Sixty-seven has a platform that updates it, in addition to metal applications all over the edge that add sophistication.

5. Eye To The Patch!

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When the “patchwork” comes to luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, it’s time to also include it in our wardrobe. With a minimal investment, since most brands have fun patches at a good price, you can update any item you have boring in your closet. In this look of the last parade of the Italian firm we fell in love with this oversized sweater full of applications.

6. The Bomber

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This type of jacket is a good acquisition to add some style to your basic garments. If you still do not have it, it is a good time to buy one full of patches and go to the last one.

7. Renew Your Basics

Rescue from your closet some pieces that you have forgotten and put some decorative patches on them.

8. Chain Bag

A black bag with a chain handle is elegant and very amortizable, since you can use it for both night and day looks.

9. Fists Out!

One of the trends that attract our attention this season is the extra-long sleeves we have seen in many parades, such as Michael Kors. The image we have selected from this parade is that of a look that wears a white shirt with very long cuffs that protrude below the sweater. The effect is very modern and current.

10. White Shirt

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This shirt with bell cuffs, from Amitie, is a very good purchase that will allow you to follow the fashion of XL sleeves. Combine it with both sweaters and American that you have in your closet

11. Shoes With Buckles

If you are wearing ballerinas, give them a twist with the latest trends, which have several straps around the instep and ankle.

12. Studded Bag

A good way to rejuvenate your closet is to choose an accessory with a rocker touch. You may really like the Mango bag, because it also has a very original round shape.

You can go fashion without ruining yourself. Your looks can be very cheap and also go perfect and with the latest trends. We show you in our image gallery. We propose 3 looks in black and white with its complements totally low cost.

Black And White Looks

In order not to spend a fortune on fashion, it is best to focus your budget on gaining basic garments in a single color range, so that they combine with each other. Our advice? Bet on black and white, which is a mixture with which you will always be right, since it combines with almost any color. If your money is limited, you will be sure to write off the purchase.

What Are The Basics Of This Season?

  • The White shirt. It is an essential piece and very easy to combine. This year they wear extra long sleeves and a trumpet shape. The idea is that they stand out outside sweaters and jackets.
  • The striped shirt. The typical sailor, but changing the classic navy blue, more related to summer, for the color black, much more urban. It is perfect to wear with jacket suits and give them a more casual touch than with the classic shirt.
  • The bomber It’s the jacket you have to have. If you choose it in black, it will also stylize you and you will want to wear it with everything. This season is worn with applied patches, which give it a more sporty air.

What Accessories Combine With Everything?

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  • The bags. Those of small size with some special texture and, even, with metallic applications is a good basic for your closet bottom. If you choose them in black, they will serve you both for informal looks, when you need not carry many things on top, as to complement a party look for special celebrations.
  • Backpack. It is super trendy and is a good substitute for a large bag. To have a more urban and less sporty air, trust the sobriety of black and a geometric and minimalist line.
  • The shoes. Whether you’re wearing them flat or your heel is more, look for shoes with straps and buckles covering your ankle and instep. It is the way to update your dancers or halls and give them a much more modern and current air.
  • The boots. They are very comfortable footwear, since they hold the foot very well. In addition, they are very practical, because you can combine them with both skirts and women denim pants. Your amortization is guaranteed. Choose them in black and with a wide heel for a firm and comfortable footprint.

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