I gave a new look to my skin…Aren’t you trying the trick?

I have always been a girl with freckled skin which was also acne-prone. Tried and tested various tips and tricks, visited dermatologists and doctors during my teenage. But it seemed of no use!

During my graduation somehow I managed it, but since when I started going to the office and work in hectic schedule my skin problem got persistent.

On the threshold of 30s,’ it really became a point of my anxiousness. Then I got introduced with Derma Roller System. And it worked like wonder in no time.

Since the term is little new and ambiguous, you might ask me what this product is?

A skin-care breakthrough

Literally, Derma Roller System can be included daily or weekly as a skin-care routine. If you’re someone with dull lifeless skin looking for products that can regenerate and rejuvenate new cells – Derma Roller System is something you must have in your kitty.

Micro-needle of 0.5 mm is used in roller to stimulate the skin in generating collagen and elastin to promote healthier skin cells which otherwise becomes loose with age. These are fine medical-grade needles that painlessly create micro channels to reduce imperfections and common occurrence and recurrence of skin-problems. 

If used regularly can help make heads turn and people will flock into you for advice.

Using it daily For a Healthy-glow

This derma roller system is one of the micro-needling techniques helping you get a youthful and healthy glow at half the fraction price. You can use it anywhere and everywhere – either while travelling or within the comfort of your own homes.

Usually, a skin regenerates every 53 days during your 40’s and 50’s for which skin loses its glow. But using it daily is triggering initiation of collagen and elastin which any normal lotion wouldn’t do. The reason is our skin cannot absorb those large collagen molecules which are in the epidermis (top layer of the skin). While using the derma roller system daily with nourishing lotion, large molecules start penetrating through the top layer of the epidermis and repair the skin from inside out without damaging the top layer of the skin.

So, what are bang-on benefits of using this micro-needling technique?

  1. Can be used by both men and women.
  2. Can be used at their own ease and pace without interdependence.
  3. Help reduce/removes Cellulite.
  4. Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
  5. Scar especially Acne-scar removal
  6. Skin Smoothing
  7. Stretch Mark Removal

I used it often for amazing results!

  • For 0.5mm needle size use it on the targeted area of the skin for up to five times per week.
  • For 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm needle size, usage up to three to four weeks.
  • For 2.0mm to 2.5mm needle size, usage on the skin every four to five weeks.

Make sure you take pictures for identifying the skins recovery results between each session. The reason is each healing process is different and hence understand and use it by seeing improvements.

You need to at least use it for 3 months for amazing results. Daily changes are difficult to spot.

Bang-for the buck

I saved over 50% off the regular price on ordering the bundle pack online. You can also make full use of the same if taken from introductory stores.

You get a derma roller needle with Derma Cell Collagen Cream and free Travel Case.

It’s risk-free and you won’t believe within 60 days I’ve started seeing amazing results. 

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