Health & Nutrition Benefits of Palm Oil

Want to cook tasty yet healthy food? Try Palm oil…it is the healthiest one among its type which is light in weight hence does not affect your health but enhances the taste. You may use it for desserts, sweets, cakes or any deep-fries. Want to know details on what Palm oil is and how much safe it is to cook well?

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It is an edible oil extracted from Elaeis Guineensis fruit which is boosted with enormous nutritional factors. It is high yielding. It requires one-fourth of the land to cultivate compared to other of its types that produce oil. It does not have any smell of its own hence can be used in any type of food to adhere to the original aroma of it. For deep-fries, it is a very good option as requires less. It is resistant to oxidation hence remains stable even in high temperature thus it makes crispy and crunchy fries.  

Nutritional benefits of palm oil

Palm oil has an array of nutritional benefits. It is beneficial for health in a lot of ways, moreover, it keeps its consumer away from a lot of diseases. Here go some of its health benefits:-

  • Decreases Cholesterol level
  •  Prevents deficiency of Vitamin A, which is a major problem in India.
  • It is an active source in protecting your skin from aging marks.
  • It also prevents brain diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, and dementia.
  • It is also used in medicinal purposes from treating Cyanide poisoning and malaria.
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It is a straightforward address to a major challenge of the era that is weight loss. It helps the weight loss process hence consuming this oil in the right amount can be a solution to your weight loss endeavor and yet not sacrifice on fried food. 

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Palm oil helps in food security

It plays a vital role in the segment of food security. It consumes less than one-fourth of the land compared to those vegetables that provide edible oil. As it doesn’t need hydrogenation to enhance self-life so it is fully saturated. The best part of Palm oil is that on heating it doesn’t lose its nutritional factor like other oils. Because it has all its carbon atom linked with each other by hydrogen atoms so on heating it remains stable. The mono-saturated fatty acid contains the oil that makes it good for frying and cooking.

Lands Use Efficiently:

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It occupies the least land space, fertilizer and pesticides to grow. Also with minimum care, you can grow palm fruit that generates palm oil. For more than 30 years a palm tree can keep on producing oil in all seasons. 

Can you imagine that only 3m clear land around the shoot base is required by a palm tree to grow and produce sustainably? It is the highest produced vegetable oil which comprises around 66 tones annually. To meet the growing demand around 27 million hectare land is used globally. 

Palm oil and its various uses

Approx. 22% of the total production of palm oil is used for cooking purposes in India. And the rest is used as biofuel in vehicles. Palm oil has an array of functionalities. There are two modes of palm oil production. One is directly by extracting seed and the other is from seed kernel. The one which is produced from seed directly is the purest form. 

Is Palm’s success it’s greatest enemy? 

Almost all food products contain palm oil as its major ingredient. Moreover for it’s easy to grow and easy to use mechanism it is widely used. It also has a lot of benefits. Apart from food items, it is also used in medicinal items. Even vehicles use it in the form of biofuel. 

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It is of high benefit and low-cost oil. Hence, competitors tried to degrade it’s value in every possible way. But sustainable palm oil is vegan and environment-friendly as well. 

With a sincere attempt by MPOC or Malayasian Palm Oil Council, Palm oil is getting a new introduction to this genre for better use and accessibility.

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