Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal – Experience the Exclusive Psychological Thriller

Are you a thriller movie buff like me? When it comes to psychological thriller or some serial killer movies I just cannot keep away! The acclaimed clarity and game of Mind behind an innocent Face are horrifying yet enigmatic.  To add another of its kind but with a unique dissection this time Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal is presented by ZEE5. The story of 7 Shanatan Sanyals who are namesakes of each other but have different personalities is portrayed and subjected in a way that represents our daily livelihood, frustrations and proceedings. 

Short Synopsis

The protagonist Shanatan Sanyal aka Kaushik Ganguly is a fat, un-presentable, frustrated middle-aged man who has lost all deal of his life but just wants to hold back his WIFE as the only belonging of life. The story revolves around his goings of life. After losing many jobs he has now thrived as a salesman of a perfume brand. In Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal he visits 7 clients who are his namesakes. Just after his meeting, all those people disappear. The story opens with showing his face in the light & shadow where he is tormented by the speed of ongoing life represented with running train.

Every name has its own rhythm and represents the character

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Here Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal is the protagonist himself. He meets each client who is his namesakes and explores their achievements, establishment, and fame. The third client who is the oldest one says Shanatan Sanyal is a name who deserves the top-notch position. The half-broken Om on the door of protagonist Shanatan Sanyal, the half-dark patch on one side of his face, the half-broken music on his courtyard and the unaccomplished electronic instruments on his table connects the vigour which each Shanatan Sanyal has but remains unachieved and undelivered. 

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Competition is good and unhealthy as well

Director Annapurna Basu has a well-personified culmination of COMPETITION. In the world of the rat race, we terminologize LOSER…WINNER….. 

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Monetary value is the major parameter to upscale the terminologies. Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal is not the looser, he is not dumb and fool as he cannot appear well for interviews or cannot be a slim and trim charming husband to his wife. He has all potentials to keep himself standing as the only cleaver Shanatan Sanyal existing in the world. 

The amalgamation of the colour & screenplay

The cast, backdrop and storyline are amazing. The opening scene where Shanatan stirs the glass of red wine and screenplay shows the amalgamation of colour in red predominantly with yellow and light green. After watching the movie I really kept awake for two hours analyzing the amalgamation of Red as Vigour, Yellow as Paleness and Green as Life in all of our life. The storyline of Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal represents the mystery of life in sequence with the help of the cast. The performance, choreography, and cinematography are praiseworthy and has a symbolic meaning to dissect life and its segment. 

Love in its twisted form

Special mention goes to Dolly aka Saoli Chatterjee who is the wife of so-called failed in life, worthless Shanatan. She is ambitious, hard-working, good looking, wants to run away from such succumbed life and be happy with a man who is again Shanatan Sanyal or Shontu aka Shilajit Majumdar. But with this better version of Shanatan Sanyal, she just speaks about her husband who is otherwise the only reason for her problematic failed life.


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When 6 other Shanatan Sanyal dies who use to proclaim the name with pride, the older and failed version of actual Shanatan Sanyal also virtually dies and welcome a better version into his. This new Shanatan Sanyal is dressed in an easy floral print shirt, hair back brushed, shaved away beard of ailments. But he doesn’t want to lose Dolly the only achievement of his failed life yet. At last, I kept assimilating who is what?? Can we really measure, SUCCESS, FAILURE, ACHIEVEMENT in the span of unpredictable TIME offered to us as LIFE!!

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  1. The story seems really interesting… I love how it unfolds… I would definitely watch this thriller!

  2. OMG! This looks so intriguing. I love thrillers and must watch this. Acting and overall characters look very cool

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