World BreastFeeding Week – My Journey As A Mother

We all know, breastfeeding is very much important for the baby. It is full of nutrients and vitamins at the same time it helps the baby to boost up his/her immune system.But in reality, things are not so easy!

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Here today, I will share my breastfeeding journey and my experiences too.

My Doctor asked me for EBF (Exclusive BreastFeeding). Exclusive BreastFeeding is to give your baby only breast milk for first 6 months, no other food, no other milk even water is also not allowed during that time.

I was a working mother and it was not an easy job for me. So for the sake of my son, I had taken 6months post delivery leave and gave him EBF.

Now, what issues or problems I have faced during that time?

  1. I didn’t have a properly shaped nipple: It’s my bad fate that my baby faced difficulties to suck the milk. So what I did? I had used artificial bottle nipples, pumped milk from my breast and fed him.I have done this activity for the first three – four months after that he was able to suck milk directly.
  2. Insufficient Milk: Unfortunately I was not able to produce sufficient milk to feed my baby. The doctor prescribed me a medicine to increase the flow.I took that twice a day and it worked for me.
  3. Weight Loss: My average weight was 54 to 57 kgs but post pregnancy I became underweight. That time I became 49kgs and faced too many difficulties.
  4. Depression: A baby couldn’t take much so they need to be fed frequently.When you are giving only breast milk, it’s hard to go outside leaving your baby at home. Because he/she needs you in every half an hour. I was working before pregnancy so it was a difficult time for me to stay home always to feed him properly on time. Yes, sometimes I was feeling much depressed. This is my experience only, I don’t know about others in this case.
  5. My Nocturnal Life: For first three months, I didn’t sleep at night (my mother too).I don’t know why did he start crying after midnight and we had to keep him on lap for the whole night was me and my mom who had taken all the pains for the sake of my son.


World Breast Feed Week 2017

Still, I suggest all to opt for EBF. Please do not give other milk and foods to the baby before 6 months. You are the one who gives birth of him/her so it is solely your responsibility to give the best care and nourishment to the child. This is what I believe. I know it is not easy but as a mother, we always try to do our best for the baby.


The 1st Week of August is ‘World BreastFeeding Week’ and this year their campaign is about – Sustaining BreastFeeding Together.

benefits of breast feeding
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Happy ‘World BreastFeeding Week’ to all the Moms who went through this journey to give their child a better future.


Benefits of BreastFeeding:

  • Breastfeeding helps your baby to get all nutrition and vitamins for good health
  • It reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and helps to boost up the immune system.Research shows that breastfed babies have a better antibody response to vaccines than formula-fed babies.
  • For mothers, breastfeed have a lower risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis.
  • Breastfeeding will help your uterus return to its normal size more quickly.
  • Breastfeeding can decrease your baby’s risk of some childhood cancers. And mothers have a lower risk of postmenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • It is the natural process to feed your baby so there is no expense at all.
  • Breastfeeding builds up the bond between Mum & son 🙂

Requesting all the Pregnant Women, please prepare yourself & give your baby exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months.

Happy BreastFeeding Week

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