His SMILE – The Reason Of My Happiness!!

A person can’t be happy always. Life has its own sweet and bitter part. But we all have some special things, special people in our life that make us HAPPY!!

To be honest, my life is not very smooth and simple. God is rubbing me like a coal every day, may be with a wish to turn myself into a diamond!

Sometimes I feel lonely and there is no one who can understand me. My best friends are now busy with their own life. My parents are happy with each other’s company. My husband is happy with his own world.

I have to take care of my house, I have my work pressure, I have my blog (another reason of my happiness also), I have a kid…..A stressful hectic life.

Mickey - Happiness

But I am HAPPY; yes it is HIS SMILE that makes me happy always. When he laughs, he giggles…I feel like heaven.

I think all wounds can be healed with a smile. In my life, my reason of Happiness is my son, my lifeline….my Mickey Mouse.

Sayeridiary - Reason of Happiness

Whenever I feel down, I play with him. He is my late night dance companion. He is my partner in crime. 😉

Happiness - Sayeridiary

At the age of 26, I became a mother, when my friends were enjoying life, I was spending sleepless nights. Life was not so easy. I felt irritated, depressed sometimes. But now when I sit and look back, I feel God loves me so much hence he has given me this precious gift.

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I know for all moms, their child is the best gift and it is an eternal bonding.

My days and nights, my brain, my heart all work for him. When I sleep, I take deep breathe to get his smell. After my office, I almost run just to see him.

sayeridiary - my key of happiness

When he smiles and gives a tight hug….OMG! What else I want? I have everything.

So, the key of my HAPPINESS is Mickey’s SMILE!!

Happiness Blog Train
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What is the reason of your Happiness? What are the things that make you Happy? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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33 thoughts on “His SMILE – The Reason Of My Happiness!!

  1. This post literally made me smile 🙂 Such a cutie pie, love the way you’ve said above “Parents busy, hubby in his own world, friends busy”, but you are the luckiest to have Mickey in your life. God bless you all 🙂

  2. Such an emotional connection being a mom. No matter how rough the day is in respect to health, work, differences or misunderstandings…its always the little one’s smile that makes me get over.

  3. I know , right! Although it’s a difficult phase but the best feeling unmatched to any other happiness .

  4. So happy for you, in fact so happy for all the mothers and parents out there. This early phase of motherhood is so overwhelming that sometimes it leaves us in dilemma whether to love it or hate it. But the moment we get hold of ourselves and found that streak of happiness, it’s the moment of bliss. Loved reading your post. You have such a cute kid.

  5. Its a beautifully written article. And definitely kids become a cause for all the happiness in our lives. Beautifully u worded about all things that makes u happy 🙂

  6. I am loving each and every picture of yours. Very clearly visible he is the reason behind your smile…

  7. Aww, hoe beautifully you have portrayed it! Mother – child relation is so pure that even a smile of child can make a mom’s heart go rosy:)

  8. Sayeri, it is such a lovely post! A child and mother’s bond is precious and child is reason to smile for every mum. I can relate to you when you said your friends were enjoying and you were having sleepless nights with your baby. Life is hard at times but it also gives us strength. Great post!


  9. So emotional read. Being a mother I can totally relate you. Initial days are too tough but at the end of the day you will the happiest person in the world

  10. Glad to know that you accept the fact that life is not full of sunshine and rainbows. Most people get this wrong. There are sweet and bitter parts to life, that’s something which makes live special.
    As for me, the best thing that ever happened to me is my kid. I often feel like my whole world revolves around my toddler.
    I always prioritize his health over anything else. I want my kid to have a healthy life. Hope most parents prioritize this over anything else. I stumbled across this article, it comes with a couple of trips/ tricks

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