Valentine’s Day Special – 6 Trendy Fashion Alerts

The season of love is around the corner and so the charm of romance is in the air. We all know that Valentine’s Day is meant for the lovebirds who are deeply and madly in love with each other. What’s your plan for the day? No matter whether you have your dream man to walk hand in hand or you have a gang of girls who are happily single, this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the occasion of love in your way. Evoke the diva in your and step out with great panache. I am going to share some insta-worthy looks which you can opt for the Day and steal the spotlight effortlessly.

check skirt or pencil dress
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Check print is in vogue these days. I would recommend you to go for any check printed skirt or pencil dress if you are going for a date on V-Day. If you are planning to chill with your best buddies you can choose comfort over style.

Kangna wearing shirt with Denim
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Check shirt with denim is a deadly combination that always rocks. Just buckle up your belt and go sassy with this cool look.

white floral printed dress
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What about a floral printed knee-length dress to cast a spell? You will get a wide range of options but my suggestion is to go for a white dress with a floral touch. You will certainly look as fresh as daisy.

Aishwariya wearing layered dress
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You can also pick a layered dress or a skirt to make a head-turning appearance on a special day. Make sure to accessorize yourself with sparkling studs, shining pendant and high heels. Painting your lips and highlighting your eyes are must too.

Kareena wearing sequins jacket
source: Pinterest

If you are fond of gorgeous look just like me you can simply add a blingy sequined jacket or blazer to your plain top and go dazzling for the party. I always follow this trick whenever my wardrobe falls short for a party look. I simply pick a blingy top or jacket to pair with my outfit. It adds the essential charm.

Deepika wearing velvet lehenga
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Velvet fabric has made a royal comeback in Indian fashion world. In my terms, you are lucky to get another option for your outfit. Buy an exquisite velvet number for V-Day and trust me you will look stunning in it.

Well, that’s all folks. Don’t forget to share which style you are going to sport this time and share your look with us!


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