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Use Sanitary Pads – Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Yes, I am a woman, I have the power to create life and I have regular menstruation cycle also. Menstruation is not my choice it’s a natural process of the woman’s body.

Why women should hide her face while talking about period? Why we can’t visit temples during those days? Why we have to be careful always for the red spots?

We all have these questions in mind for so long. It’s all about the social taboos.

What is  the real fact?

According to National Family Health Survey (NFHS), 62% of Indian women are using clothes for menstrual protection. Mainly, women from rural areas are not using hygienic method during the menstrual cycle. Study has shown that for girls this is the main reason of drop out school.

Many women using clothes and maximum percentage change it once in a day which can be harmful for their reproductive health. And the states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, UP – condition is worst.

I personally feel grateful to Mr. Akshay Kumar for bring in the issue in front of the society with his new release ‘PADMAN’. It makes people more aware about the issue.

source: financialexpress

I use disposable sanitary napkins but according to gynecologists, disposable pads contain chemicals and it can cause allergy inside the vagina which is potentially carcinogenic.During the last days of period, for light flow, vaginal area becomes dry and it may cause itching too.

I was basically looking for an organic cotton pad for hygienic and safe menstruation.

Purganics,recently has sent me a box full of 10 organic cotton pads.

Heavy flow – Ideally used for heavy flow days or nights

Why Cotton? Why Organic?

Purganics Organic Sanitary Pad Review

      • Breathable
      • Naturally soft & Absorbent
      • Gentle on delicate vaginal skin
      • Chlorine Free
      • Perfume Free
      • Comfort Fit

It comes in a paper box with all information written over it. Inside the box, each pad was individually wrapped with plant based polymer.

Features of The Organic Pad: (The Brand claims)

      1.   It has ultra-soft, organic cotton top sheet which is made with
        100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
      2.   Draws in liquid & wicks away the wetness
      3.   Plant-based waterproof backing for leak protection.
      4.   Absorbent core made of 100% certified organic cotton
      5.   Ultra-thin with wings for a comfort fit and feel
      6.   Anatomically shaped to fit panty perfectly
      7.   Plant based waterproof wrapper for easy disposal
      8.   Made without bleach, pesticide-treated
        cotton, fragrances, deodorants, rayon, or synthetic super absorbents – only the
        good stuff inside out
Price: 10 pads cost 420 INR

Buy it online from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Purganics website.

My Experience:

Last month, I have used the organic pads. The first 3 days I have always heavy flow and these pads didn’t work for me. The very first day I used this pad and it was full absorbed within an hour. I have used these organic pads during my light flow days i.e. 4th, 5th and 6th days of my menstrual cycle. Result is good, there was no leakage and I was feeling comfortable too.

I have quite heavy flow so maybe it didn’t work for the first days if you have moderate flow then you can use it for the entire cycle. They have mentioned it for heavy flow days. But as they claim, it really works well during night time.
One thing I should mention, since these are perfume free, you have to bear with the odor. But this time there was no after menstruation effect (no itching, no

Quick Tips for your Menstrual Hygiene
      • Do not use a sanitary pad for more than 2 hours
      • Bath well and change inner garments regularly
      • Use perfumes to avoid the menstrual odor
      • Wash your vaginal area properly. Do not use soaps rather you
        should use intimate care wash.
      • Before each menstrual week, shave your pubic hair always.
      • Do not flush. Dispose used pads in the trash
      • Dress up properly to avoid unexpected blood spots
      • If you are working then carry sanitary pads always with you
      • During those days specially, try not to use public toilet for
        better protection.

I will suggest you all to use organic pads always. Have you ever used such organic sanitary pads? Share your experience in the comment box below. Also I want know your thoughts about this Hygienic Menstrual Cycle.

Bamboo Tooth Brush

***The brand Purganics also sent me a Bamboo toothbrush which I didn’t ever use. It costs 165 INR. These toothbrushes are Vegan and the bristles are BPA-Free.

It is handcrafted and dentist approved. The handle is 100% biodegradable and ergonomically
designed for a better grip.


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