Ante Up Your Haldi Ceremony with These Awesome Ideas

Haldi ceremony, a small ritual that takes place before your wedding, is a happening and fun-filled ceremony in itself. This is like a preparation before the wedding where turmeric paste is applied on the bride’s and groom’s face as a symbol of blessing from the elders before the beginning of their married life.

This could take place at a function hall or at the couples’ place as per the convenience of the families. Since, the Haldi ceremony is an intimate function, the bride is expected to look her best. But, now-a-days it’s not just about looking best. Brides and grooms today have modernised their otherwise traditional ceremonies with some bizarre and extraordinary ideas that have made the ceremony more enjoyable.

Have a look at some of the terrific Haldi function ideas that you would love to add in your celebrations.

Let’s start with the Dress:

Haldi Outfits for Bride
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When this is your Haldi ceremony, you are free to choose some classic traditional styles in yellow or golden colour to match the mood and spirit of the day. There are several options for Haldi dress for bride and groom to adopt these days. A yellow Sari is what most of the brides wear on this day. But, you may also sport a glittery and bold look with a Lehenga and an embellished blouse. If not. Then, how about an Anarkali with a flowing yellow body. A traditional essence could also be maintained with a simple Salwar Kameez in some designer twist. This would be great addition for your photographic moments.


How about a Combined Ceremony?

Haldi - Bride & Groom
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This time break the stereotype of having individual Haldi ceremony at your home. You too could have your ceremonies performed together under one roof with all your family and friends together. This would be a little crowded affair but the fun will eventually be doubled with so many people to pull your leg and play some light- hearted tricks on you. Moreover, you will be sharing the day of your ceremony with your spouse-to-be.

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Plan a Colour Code for the Dress:

Dress Code for Haldi
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What could be more fun than notifying your friends about a colour code? Surely this would make for candid photographic moments when everything is bright and cheery just like it should be on a Haldi ceremony. Inform about this idea of yours beforehand so that they can arrange for their yellow dresses prior to the ceremony.


Go with the Floral Decorations:

Flower Decoration - Haldi
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A Haldi decoration during day time would seem empty without the complementary floral decorations of marigold that seems to be a symbol at every Haldi ceremony. Let it be for yours as well. Any pre, post or the wedding ceremony is not complete without flowers. Thus, keep the spirit of the day alive with the rich colour of “Haldi” within your floral decorations as well. How about putting up a swing or Mandap, all decorated with Marigold boughs, garland and strings surrounding the structure. Even photo frames decorated with Marigold would be a great option as the photo booth.


Twist up your Jewellery:

Bride's Floral Accessories
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Refashion your jewellery into a different style. Go for a floral earring, necklace or bangle for the ceremony. Though might be a little awkward for some, brides today are comfortable enough in flaunting unusual styles with panache. Flowers are like an unsaid necessity during every wedding ceremony and having that as your jewellery would add another feather to the cap.

A Day Brimming with Ideas:

Haldi Ceremony
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Since Haldi ceremony is a vibrant ceremony in itself, thus planning some equally alluring décor ideas would be splendid. Being a day ceremony, it would require some creative material that will offer an added advantage of sun protection. Have a floral satin umbrella for the bride prepared when she is sitting outdoors.

Creative decoration for Haldi
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Bring out the creativity in you and use some traditional hangings or DIY your decorations in your style. If your ceremony is going to be organised outdoors, use some satin drapes to cover the canopy of the seating. Even the plate with the turmeric paste could be decorate in a beautiful way to symbolize its significance.


It’s not always about Haldi:

Haldi Ceremony
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Plan some crazy idea for your friend who is about to tie the knot. Shock him/ her with your fruity prank. Dunk him in some fruit juices while he/she is all ready to apply the turmeric paste. It might become a ritual for the coming groomsmen to have some fun with their friend.


Give out some Haldi Party Favours:

Wedding Party gifts
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Gift your friends or relatives with some party favours that will mark your Haldi day in their thoughts forever. Bangles make for a perfect gift option or the final photo of your bachelorhood days with them. You may even give out some customised badges for your friends depicting your end of bachelor days.


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