Top 10 Wedding Photography Types You Should Know

There was a time when you could not hold a picture in your hand and take a moment to reminiscence about it. Aren’t you so glad we’re not there anymore! After all, what could be worse than not having a picture of your wedding to look back at?

Arresting all the little and big moments of that once-in-a-lifetime event has become so important today that people hire professional photographers just for this purpose. However, have you ever wondered why such a hype?

Wedding photography has come a long way from its conventional style. Let’s find out all about it.

  1. Traditional
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The best way to shoot the ‘key shots’ of the big day, traditional wedding photography involves deliberate poses of the bride and groom and the remainder of the family – these photos are classic, posed, and taken solely under the direction of the photographer.

  1. Reportage or photojournalistic
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This kind is a more informal approach to wedding photography with a mix of traditionalism. Reportage usually involves photographers blending in with the crowd while a telephoto camera helps in snapping those “unguarded” best moments of the day.

  1. Lifestyle
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Lifestyle wedding photography is all about going candid. However, capturing people in their most vulnerable and natural moments is nothing short of a work-of-art. Even so, once mastered, such photos are a clear representation of the photographed person as they are not staged.

  1. Vintage
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The most romantic of all wedding photography styles, vintage photography is all about generating those nostalgic and mushy feelings in your beholders, especially the main couple of the day. To this end, photographers need to invest in old films and other expensive equipment that will help create those rustic effects.

  1. Artistic
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Involving smart use of fun props and artificial lighting conditions, artistic wedding photography is just like art, a highly subjective arena. It is ironic how artistic photography may be time-consuming, but the end photos are always timeless and give a surreal feel. This type of wedding photography demands a keen eye for not just details but also artistic elements and how they can be knit together to tell a story. 

  1. Editorial or Dramatic
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Being directly inspired by modern fashion photography, editorial or dramatic wedding photographers specialise in making the couple feel like they’re on the cover of a high-end magazine. The only thing – this kind of photography is mentally taxing and highly time-consuming, involving the use of several kinds of props and set-ups.

  1. Adventure
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This wedding photography style is especially ideal for the most popular kinds of weddings today – destination weddings. It involves a mix of photojournalism along with candid captures of the architecture, culture, and other natural elements of the destination. To master adventure photography, one must be adept at both candid and aerial photography.

  1. Cinematography
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To have a magical and mesmerising memorandum of the couple’s journey together till date, no other wedding photography style comes close to that of cinematography. As the name itself suggests, this type involves stringing precious moments together to form a sort of film, a love movie that demonstrates everything – how the two met, how they fell in love, how they got engaged to how they tied the knot!

  1. Black and White
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One must never underestimate the power of monochrome imagery in enhancing the mood. No wonder black and white wedding photography style has gone so vogue among contemporary couples. Why not! The photos are timeless and less distracting, compelling one to travel back in time to the Romantic era.

  1.  Aerial
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This style is a classic! There’s no better way to capture the stunning wedding venue and its vicinity than to go aerial. Fairly new, this wedding photography style is totally in trend and worth the time it takes. However, this style demands more advanced and expensive equipment such as an HD camera, aerial drone, etc.

Hope to become a successful wedding photographer some day? Take your first step in the right direction by pursuing professional wedding photography courses. Institutes like the Pearl Academy offer one-year wedding and event photography courses wherein students will be trained to make their mark in this billion-dollar industry.

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