Designer Shoues for Spring or Summer

5 Model-Approved Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer

“The little voice in your head that says ‘buy the shoes,’ that’s the one to listen to.”

Whoever spoke these beautiful words unquestionably was a woman after our own hearts. There is a reason that women love shoes so much; they transform our body language, our attitude, and our sense of style. Each season, designers send models down the runway wearing works of art that we are lucky enough to put on our feet and wear to confidently face our daily lives.

That being said, with so many options, it can be hard to discern which shoes are a fad and which are worth our hard-earned cash. That is, when we turn to models who have a knack for interpreting the designer’s visions and creating styles that are more applicable to the everyday person.

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To assist and inspire you in your shopping (as if you needed more inspiration!), here are five model-approved shoe trends for spring/summer.

1. Cowboy Boots

model wearing cow boy boot
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No longer reserved for the plains of Texas, as spring’s breakout footwear, you are going to see cowboy boots everywhere. Luckily, designers have shown a range of styles on the runway – from the traditional to a more modern take (Calvin Klein, Chloé, Coach) – ensuring everyone can find a design to walk around in.

Model in Cowboy boot
source: pinterest

Cowboy boots work well in the transitional months when it is still cold; the chicest models in Dubai enjoy pairing them with their favorite pair of denim or wide-legged pants. Once it starts to get warmer, you can give them plenty of mileage throughout the summer months with denim shorts, boho dresses and floral midi skirts.

2. Mules

source: google

Mules have been a model staple for a few seasons now and, this spring, their dominance is going to continue. Spring allows for even more variations, from block heeled, closed-toe styles suitable for work to more casual stiletto-heeled, open-toed options that will take you from brunch to dinner effortlessly.

model wearing Mules - Spring Shoe Trend
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To check off another spring trend, go for mules in a Crayola bright hue. Primary shades of yellow, red and blue are the shoe colors of the season, as seen beautifully at Rochas and Marni.

3. Socks & Sandals

Across the fashion industry, different socks and sandals are again being welcomed with editors, designers, and models alike donning the pair.

Designer Socks and Sandals
source: google

Pairing socks with sandals is not only a way to keep your toes warm while showing off your new spring party shoes, but also a way to inject some “cool girl” personality into your look.

Designers pair socks with every shoe style imaginable (check out Fendi’s show for some serious socks and sandals eye-candy), giving you the freedom to decide which pairings work for you and your wardrobe.

Luckily, ornate socks can be found for all budgets and can be a foolproof way to update last year’s sandals.

4. Futuristic Sneakers

You have probably already seen the “futuristic” Louis Vuitton sneakers all over your favorite Instagram models and influencer’s accounts, but this trend shouldn’t just be reserved for them.

Source: google

While you may not be dropping a whole month’s wages on the Vuitton ones or Balenciaga’s Triple S, you can be guaranteed that high street stores will be jumping onboard this shoe trend ASAP.

If your style isn’t that adventurous, opt for fresh ways to incorporate streetwear into your day-to-day wardrobe. The runways are filled with sporty shoes, including the details (such as laces, straps and soles).

5. Clear Plastics

The most “out there” of these trends (yes, even more so than futuristic sneakers!), transparent plastics in all forms are spring’s breakout material. On the Chanel runway, Karl Lagerfeld sent models down draped head-to-toe in the “fabric.”

Karl Lagerfeld sent models down draped head-to-toe in the “fabric
Source: pinterest

And if it is good enough for Chanel, it is good enough for us! Other designers such as Balmain, Moschino and Calvin Klein have also designed shoes made from this material.

Shoes made by fabric
Source: pinterest

You don’t have to go for full on knee-high boot (a la Chanel), rather you can opt for clear pumps, mules (see #2) with a plastic strap or sandals with plastic detailing.

So these are the top five shoe trends for spring 2018! Are you going to be investing or indulging in any of them, or do you prefer to stick with your capsule wardrobe? If you are, how do you envision yourself styling them? Let us know in the comments below!


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