Redefine your ensemble with a pocket square

Slipping into a fine looking and well fitted tuxedo is literally every man’s dream. They are manly, elegant and oh-so sexy! Wearing a suit doesn’t require much finesse but simply a little thought put to it. When all the pieces of that beautiful ensemble are put together, that’s what makes you look perfect—effortlessly. So make everything count.

A major part of that is a pocket square. The neckwear and pocket square can totally change the game for your entire ensemble and amplify your style manifolds.

Why should you wear a pocket square?

The suits can be worn without pocket squares—true. But those can be a game changer  if you wear them the right way.  A nicely put on pocket square can pull all the eyes towards itself. Even in formal gatherings, it will make you stand out by giving just the right amount of edge and colour. When tie and pocket square that are complementing each other are worn, they make every other piece come together completing the look.

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And how can that be done? Well, just keep reading!

How to wear one?

A pocket square can be worn in several different ways.  But the two main things to pay attention to are:

  • Colour and pattern of the square

The most common mistake done by men out there is matching the colour of tie and pocket square completely. Well, as mentioned, it’s a mistake and one must never do that. Just make sure the colours are complementary or of shades slightly darker or lighter than the other.

Another mistake to avoid is wearing a totally plain pocket square. Just do some justice to your outfit by adding in contrasting coloured and striking patterned pocket square. Since the visibility of a pocket square is not much, it will give you a truly balanced look in different styles.

Example: An indigo suit paired with a white shirt can be topped up with an orange tie and reddish patterned pocket square.

You know what else looks classy? Playing with the colour of your tie while matching the pocket square to your shirt. (Try it out with a white shirt yourself)

  • Fold of the square

The essence of a pocket square lies in its fold, although there’s not just one way to do it. There are different ways by which it can be folded and slid inside that pocket of your blazer. You can try folds like-

  1. The Pyramid
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After laying the pocket square flat like a diamond, fold the lower corner up, just to the left of top corner. Then fold the left and right side towards the centre. Flip and position in the pocket.

2. The Newsreader

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After laying it out flat like a square, fold the left side on the right. Then fold the lower part up just slightly short of reaching the top part. Flip and position in the pocket. This serves for a more sober look.

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3. The Puff

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After laying the pocket square flat, pinch it in the centre and lift it. Gather the lower material together and hold it up. Carefully position in your pocket and get a classy look.

4. The Winged Puff

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After laying the pocket square flat like a diamond, fold the top end meeting the bottom.Then fold the left corner on lower corner followed by the right one. Then fold the left, right and lower corner in the centre in order and position in the pocket.

So guys, check out some unique and quirky pocket squares online or in stores and get some for yourself! And rock that suit like never before!

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