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Plan A After an Amritsar Trip for The Most Fulfilling Experience Ever

No Indian can have one trip too many to the Himachal. The mountain ranges are different from every city. Every city has its own beauty. Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Khajjiar, and Dalhousie are classic tourist spots for Indians. Kasauli, Una, Theog are becoming popular too. Check out some Himachal tour packages just to find out which cities you can visit on a single trip.

Himachal - The Land of God
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Himachal Pradesh is also known as the “Land of the Gods”. Whether you find God there or not, you definitely will find heaven. You might also start connecting with your spiritual side owing to the peaceful ambience and the influence of the hard working and patient good local people. The temples are beautiful and resonate the bells across the hills. You cannot be angry or stressed out in the Himachal.

Take a long Holiday

If you want to explore all the beauty of the Himachal, you need to take a long vacation. Just a weeklong tour will barely leave you time to explore two cities or just touch three. If you want to explore a city or two in details, without missing a spot, you need to take a 10 days trip.

If you cannot afford to take such long vacations, go for frequent weekend getaways. But that is only possible if you live nearby. What about the rest of the Indian population? We all deserve to explore the amazing hills stations in the Himachal. People from all over the world come here and spend weeks. It is a shame if we do not get to live in the beauty of the hill stations in our home country.

Do take a long vacation, maybe a two week getaway to explore the Himachal. If you are in between jobs, or colleges, don’t worry about getting another job or getting into the next college. Nothing ever came from worrying. Apply to every suitable place. Work hard to develop your skills, and the time you spend worrying and sleeping at home, put it to good use.

The List Goes On….

Banjar in Kullu
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If you want to start with the lesser populated Himachal cities, for a calm and quiet weekend, start with the town of Bhota in the Hamirpur district, and Talai in the Bilaspur district. The small town of Banjar in Kullu is a good start too.

If you like to start with the common destinations, there are many, Khajjiar, Pathankot, Kangra, Sunder Nagar, Chamba, Mandi, Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Dalhousie, and Solan. These are the go to cities for first time visitors who haven’t tasted the adventure yet. But once you visit the Himachal, you will want to explore the entire state, that is a promise.

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Explore every city of Himachal Pradesh every opportunity you get. And when you are done doing that, don’t go into an existential crisis. There is still a lot more beauty to explore in Uttarakhand. Cities like Nainital and villages like Kausani are heavenly. You will never run out of beautiful places to visit in India if you know how to dig the destinations up. Make good use of every weekend and every vacation you get.

Moving on to Amritsar

Jallianwallah Bagh
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If you are looking for something closer to traditional spirituality, go to Amritsar. Take a Punjab trip or just go for Amritsar, you will like it either way. Get in touch with your spiritual side at the Golden Temple. Go to Jallianwallah Bagh to witness the site of the massacre you only read about. The mental images you get will haunt you and fill you up with a purer sense of patriotism than what the country has been seeing lately. If nothing else, you will value your life and your time more.

With that time, you can visit Jallianwallah Bagh Museum, Punjab State War Heroes’ Memorial, and the Martyrs’ Well. An Amritsar trip is for those who want to live the haunting feel of Indian history. It is for those who want to pay tribute to the sacrifice of Indians older and younger than us, who made it possible for us to roam around the country freely, and fought, for our independence even before we were born.

All the Amritsar tour packages will fill you up with pride, a sense of responsibility, empathy, and spirituality. Amritsar is not just a weekend getaway, it is not just a plain holiday. If you want to get back in touch with your deeper concerns that you pushed aside for far too long, an Amritsar trip will definitely help you do that.

The Bullet Marks site and the Jallianwallah Bagh temple, all the martyrs’ memorials, and the army colonies will remind you of India’s struggle through colonialism and make you a more responsible member of today’s youth. If you want to raise your children to be a true patriot, in the era of tarnished representation of patriotism, take them to Amritsar.

Amritsar Golden Temple
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Apart from all the patriotic haunting spots, the gurudwaras and temples, you will find some great architecture and traditional handicrafts in Amritsar. An Amritsar trip will be pretty different from a Himachal trip. Depending on your mood, or choice in general, pick one. But the important question is, “Why not both?” Well, if you can manage the time, you should go for a few tranquil Himachal cities to process your thoughts after a moving Amritsar trip.

Check out the latest Himachal tour packages for the season you want to plan your vacation for. Take a week’s trip to Himachal after two days at Amritsar. If you plan it well, you can cover all the important places to visit in Amritsar within two days. So plan it well, and set out on an adventure tour to explore the bitter yet valiant history and the currently hidden beauties of your country, all on a single trip.


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