Have you read TikTok’s Community Guidelines?

TikTok’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. Through the TikTok platform, users are encouraged to create and share videos while being their authentic selves, discover the world around them, and connect with others.

While this is TikTok’s main aim, the team says it will never compromise on the user’s safety. The Community Guidelines reflect TikTok’s values and define a common code of conduct on its platform. These guidelines also allow the TikTok community to help maintain a safe shared space.

However, while TikTok encourages users to celebrate what makes them unique, it also values that its users come from a breadth of nationalities and cultures. As a result, TikTok takes into account the cultural norms and local regulations of the countries it operates in.

Offering a safe and supportive environment is TikTok’s top priority and the team believes that feeling safe is essential to helping people feel comfortable with expressing themselves openly and creatively. TikTok also aims to cultivate an environment for authentic interactions by keeping deceptive content and accounts off the platform.

TikTok’s values form the foundation of the Community Guidelines. Content including video, audio, image, and text that violates its Community Guidelines is automatically removed, and accounts involved in severe or repeated violations are either suspended or banned. Under certain circumstances, certain accounts are also reported to relevant legal authorities to keep the community safe.

The Community Guidelines apply to everyone, and to everything shared on TikTok. They provide general guidance on what is and what is not allowed on the platform. Any content that does not adhere to its guidelines is removed. For example, anything that would cause harm to other individuals, hate speech or give rise to any political unrest as well, are removed. However, content that includes information that provides value to the public, such as educational, scientific, artistic, and newsworthy content regarding illegal activities, is allowed.

Another example of content that TikTok does not tolerate is when it comes to slurs. While TikTok does not tolerate the use of slurs on the platform. What makes TikTok a platform that everyone wants to be on is the fact that it promotes positivity and these guidelines enable it to do so as well. To ensure it stays that way, TikTok takes measures to remove any content that promotes such behaviour. Any videos that could result in the harm of users is also removed or tagged with a risk warning. TikTok offers its users a space for creative freedom, however you should not take advantage of that, these guidelines help maintain a positive and safe environment. 

Always remember that the content you post on your TikTok account should adhere to the Community Guidelines. Remember that millions of people are watching your content and something inappropriate can affect you in many ways. To know more, check TikTok’s entire set of Community Guidelines here.

The Community Guidelines from time to time to evolve with community behaviour, mitigate emerging risks, and keep TikTok a safe place for creativity and joy.

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