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5 Best Ways To Use CONDOM For Un-batted Pleasure & Sexual Wellness

Having a special moment with your partner is something that should keep you gleeful, most elated all the while in person and in memory….right? Then why do you want to aftermath it with remorse or regret? We all know that Condom is the best way for sexual wellness and unwanted pregnancy still we often avoid it based on excuses, myth of trust and unaccomplished pleasure. Browse down for smart solution…………

Ensuring passion, comfort and health when selection and usage is perfect

There are many associated taboos and misbeliefs regarding usage of Condom. Hence India is still way back than Western countries in using it. A recent study says that only 0.5% male per capita population in India consumes condom whereas in Europe it is 3 to 4. Let’s find out the reason and solution.

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  1. Using un-comfort – “If you love me don’t ask to use a one”……………

It is often found that the male partner is desperately resistant to use it and thus emotionally tries to convince the better half. But this is a matter of common understanding, health and safety issue. Such biased emotional imposition should not takeover fact. To avoid wearing discomfort follow these steps:-

  • Never make the mistake of rolling condom at the tip of the penis. As it pinches the tip, feel you hurt, and can even break. Keep the extra spaced reservoir for semen.
  • Enough lubricant is given inside and outside to feel you and your partner comfortable without any tear or breakage in fine tissue.
  • Rolling down is a problem but it is structured in a way that is not going to defeat the purpose but it just takes a second to take up.
  • Broken condoms can easily be felt hence you can be absolutely sure. 
  • It is absolutely safe to use for your private parts as it is thoroughly sterilized and medicated.

2. Ruin the moment – The especially advanced formula of condom making ensures superfine thin layer that feels you both as fine as natural so now this “ruining the moment” is just a myth. Moreover, it is designed in the texture of dot, lines and lot more to give you the extra feel.

                      For those who want to spice up life may try different flavours of lovemaking. Get an array of variant Condoms available in India from It is one of the largest online Condom stores that opens you to all variety.

                    Do you know, what is the upcoming variety that they are going to get you through? Recent research is going to bring in the market the new variety of condom that has special heat and cooling effect to add to the orgasm.

3. Latex Resistance   – You may avail latex free condoms that will keep you away from any allergy or infection.

4. Awkwardness while buying from a shop – This is a common problem among Indian men. But don’t worry now you don’t have to go out of your locality to buy a condom. With you can order your choice online. Even to do same you don’t need to reveal your identity. Just if you are above 18 years of age you can order condom at your convince.

Now, are you worried about delivery? They get it delivered at any address. The special packaging is done in a way that no one can understand what the box has until the pack is at all open. Both COD and online payment is available with the safest payment gateway. In fact, it is the first website which popped up with such secret delivery system. Moreover, it ensures thunder speed delivery. 

5. Price & Carrying Problem – Condom is the only contraceptive method that comes at the least price and has no side effect.  This website ensembles all available condoms in different price variation that is definitely going to suit your budget pocket.

The condom packet is invariably small which you can carry in your pocket. Or at any small corner of your bag. Carrying it doesn’t take any extra effort neither clashes with your privacy.

Withdrawal Condom

This is a predominant thought process that withdrawal before ejaculation can ensure safe sex then why the condom?

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But withdrawal is not at all a safe method as sperm can get through the female partner at any point of time even after following proper withdrawal as even the precum contains sperm. Moreover, it always has an associated agony of accidental pregnancy.

Pills or Other contraceptives cannot evade Condom

Maybe you are on pills or other invasive contraception. Still, Condom is the only one that is not going to adversely affect your health that accompanies with other method. It is easy to use, no side effect, advanced formulated for unbitten pleasure. Most effectively keeps bay the Sexually Transmitted Diseases which no other method can beat hard.

Social Taboos  

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Yet there are places and society in India where speaking about Condom is not accepted. Hence women are victim of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and lot more of issues. Government and social service associations are working actively in enhancing awareness on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. As it causes infertility and other genital diseases including cervical cancer. Condoms for female are now available widely which ensures comfort, safety and user-friendly way. So women folk is no more dependent on male partners to assure health and safety. Hence let’s try together in accomplishing a healthy India.  

Ensure Health…Ensure Pleasure with a Condom!!

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  1. Hi sayeri,

    This is such an important topic. I am glad you have covered this on your post. Using condoms is the easiest and simplest way to stay away from unwanted pregnancy and more importantly other STDs. It safeguards you against any kind of sexually transmitted disease and it must be worn at time of need.

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