4 Best Curtain Designs for Home Decor

I love decorating my home especially my bedroom is the favorite place always. I love bright colors as it gives me a positive vibes. The most important thing that we should maintain is the color match up. If the room wall is light in color then use bright color curtains and the bed covers should be bright in color too.

Today I will share the 5 different types of curtain designs for room decoration:

3D Curtains:

3d Printed Curtains
Source: beddinginn

This is the most trending one now. We know 3d effects can make things more lively and same the curtains do. I will suggest you to use this as living room curtains. If you have a big window then you can flaunt it there or you can use it as a divider between dining and living rooms.

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Floral Printed Curtains:

Floral Printed Curtains
Source: google

Personally I love floral prints. In bedrooms if you use floral prints it adds a special look to the entire room. If you have box windows then use floor length curtains there.

Kids Room Curtains:

Kids room curtains
Source: google

Kids love colors and they have special affection for cartoon characters. So decor your kid’s room with cartoon printed curtains. If you have a girl then Barbie themed room will suit her best and for boys spider printed curtains will be the best choice.

Monochrome Prints:

Image result for Monochrome Prints curtains

Now it’s a big hit. People love the monochrome prints curtains. If you have a window side sitting arrangement and you love that cozy corner of your room then monochrome prints will look perfect there.

Even now you have the option to buy your curtains online too.

The festive seasons are knocking at our door and it’s high time to decor our house. I have made my plan already. I have ordered curtains for my rooms and bought some new designer bed covers too. I had a plan for wall color but didn’t get sufficient time for that. I generally watch YouTube videos and do home decoration by my own.

Someday, I will share my room decor story also.

When you have low budget, just focus on small things that can add a wow looks on your room.

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One thought on “4 Best Curtain Designs for Home Decor

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Nice post. I particularly like floral designs. They give you a lift in your mood when you look at them. Fancy cartoons also looks good in kid’s room.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day:)

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