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Why Flame Test is imp before selecting a wipe brand for your baby?

Being a New mother was very challenging for me.

Knowing the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ was even the more challenging for me – from late night baby crying to soothing them to changing diapers, each and everything needed sensitive care.

Moreover, dealing with post-partum syndromes had been very hectic for me, especially me being an inexperienced working mom. I and my husband used to manage hours on a shift basis from feeding the baby to bathing and changing diapers in the middle of the night.

Baby’s skin being sensitive and they being in the development stage, it becomes imperative for we as parents to decide what to feed him, which wet wipes to use on his skin to what cream to be applied on him.

In the first few formative years, the most challenging part for me was which brand baby wipes to decide. Today excessive use of plastics has started dominating the cosmetic industry too, of which one of the brands baby wipes and its constant use on my baby’s skin, resulted in soreness and excessive rashes on baby’s bottom.

It’s that time, when doctor had advised me to make a flame test before selecting any wet wipe brand. I came back home, took a candle, lit it up and started burning the wet-wipe.

To my eyes surprise, what I found was a sluggish residue left behind burning the wipes which looked like plastic burnt residue. I tried testing one by one, each of the baby wipes so far I had used and everything failed miserably during this flame test.

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It was then, I had come across Mother Sparsh 98% Water based wipes, which are not just eco-friendly but baby-friendly too. As good as cotton and as pure as water – Mother Sparsh had been the best choice amongst all other brands for my baby. Today, my baby’s skin is rash-free and supple!

I even tried performing a flame test on Mother Sparsh wet wipes and what i found was no burnt reside at all. Even though it was burnt, it had cotton burnt smell and not plastic. No sticky residue indeed. I even tested this water based wipe on my skin; it was soft and easy to remove my cosmetic too.

Made with natural 100% plant based fabric (cotton) and with absolutely no scented chemicals, 0% alcohol, Parabens, Polyster and Rashes,  but 98% pure water – it serves as super soft wipes to clean baby’s bottom, leaving its skin soft and smooth.

Gone were those days, when cotton clothes were used as diapers and cleaned with Dettol and other disinfectants. Convenience and modern technologies have given us opportunity to take over traditional methods. Though yes! But the type of materials used in the making of wet wipes still remains the same, which is none other than plant fabrics.

Eco-friendly materials and nature-friendly materials can never replace the modern and convenient materials of today, harming people and environment on a broader perspective.

Undoubtedly, its Mother Sparsh 98% water based wipes, which I would definitely recommend new mothers to use for their baby’s.

Thanks Mother Sparsh for this awesome initiative!

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Mother Sparsh is a good brand of wipes. It mostly contains water with zero chemical which is a very good thing children. Flame test is very important to check the result and I am glad you did this just to be doubly sure.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Mother Sparsh is the most trusted brand in today’s date, many of my friends are using it

  3. I always love to use best for my daughter and Mother sparsh is one of them.. Flame terst is really a unique way.. Love to go through your post

  4. Mother sparsh is really good brand. This flame test sounds a unique concept to me.

  5. Well, u showed me a new way to suggest baby wipes to my friends.. for test is quite interesting way to find out how pure is the wipe made. After all baby products needs to be the best

  6. That’s an important n interesting way of checking the material. Great that u have addressed it.

  7. Thank you for this quality validation dear, now I can safely use this product.

  8. This is quite an interesting test , I did it on 2-3 brands and the outcomes were quite different from my thoughts.

  9. Flame test that’s interesting yes actually many a times we moms believe blindly whats written on pack or advertisements. It’s great that Mother sparsh wipes can be trusted fr their quality.

  10. I didn’t know about flame test. Mother sparsh looks like a great product for small babies will surely recommend this to my friends.

  11. Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is the best brand for kids care. Mother Sparsh water based wipes are absolutely safe and soft on kids skin.

  12. Sarah T says:

    Ive used this wipes personally and can vouch for it . It’s safe for the babies and also acts as a great makeup remover.

  13. Akanksha Goel says:

    Thank you for sharing the flame test. It’s such an eye opener. Usually people buy wipes impulsively without researching much on the ingredients and all. I hope your post reaches most parents so they take right decision while buying wipes for their baby

  14. Flametest is indeed the best way to test the wipes we used.. even m using mothersparsh wipes coz it passed in the test

  15. Never know that flame test can actually differentiate the amount of plastic used in wipes. Next time I’ll check this standard before buying

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience. Lovely read

  17. I am actually surprised we did not know about this! WHat a great to test wipes!!

  18. I find this flame test so fascinating and interesting. It truly proves that Mother Sparsh is water based wipes and is made with plant fabric, making it perfect for the soft skin of the babies.

  19. This is such an interesting test to do. Its natural and good for the baby and the environment!

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