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Multani Mitti-The magical Clay!

Growing up in a typical Indian household, you will often find mothers advising their daughters how the perfect there skin with kitchen ingredients. At a very early age, they are introduced to the power of natural ingredients. One of the most popular home remedies for acne, blemishes, dark spots etc is Multani Mitti, an Indian name for fuller’s earth.

This clay is known for its beneficial ways which help in creating a great impact on the skin. It helps in diminishing dark spots and also makes the skin healthy. The multani mitti face pack is one of the best skincare formulas which can help you work better for your skin. It is great for any skin type and also it is the perfect homemade face pack. 

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There are so many types of face pack which are made of kitchen ingredients; here you can find your beauty secrets:

1. Natural Multani Mitti And Rose Pack:  

Multani mitti and roses are both prescribed by Ayurveda for glowing skin. Using these two nourishing yet powerful ingredients, our natural beauty face pack brings out the best in your by leaving your skin supple, soft and glowing. This multani mitti face pack is amazing for the skin glow and also helps in keeping the natural shine of the skin. 

2. Natural Mitti And Aloe Vera Gel: 

Formulated with ingredients prescribed in ayurvedic to bring out your natural beauty. With simple yet powerful ingredients, it makes the skin glow and improves complexion to give your unmatched radiance. This homemade face pack with the combination of aloe vera gel is a wonder for you. This will help you in making your skin glow and also helps in keeping blemishes at bay. 

3. Ayurvedic Gotu Kola & Multani Mitti Face Cleanser: 

This homemade face pack has the best ingredients packed together; it can be used in making the skin healthy and glowing. These multani mitti face packs work best with rose water and cleanse the face naturally. Crafted with gota kola, multani mitti, milk, raw sugar, besan and haldi and gota kola is an herbal remedy, which originates in eastern Asia and plays an important role in Ayurveda. The age-old recipe can be used as a daily cleanser. Multani mitti face pack has antiseptic properties which help fight acne and pimples. 

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Amazing home-made packs. Multani mitti is a key ingredients in any home-made packs.

    thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. I remember using Multani mitti right from my childhood with rosewater for better skin. Thanks for sharing these packs

  3. Multani Mitti has so many beauty benefits. Thank you for sharing these face pack recipes.

  4. Sarah Shaikh says:

    Multani mitti has been used for generations.They are sooo good for skin.Thanks for sharing these products.

  5. Multani mitti benefit my mom use to tell me and we applied on hair and face for better hair and face care

  6. Multani mitti is so versatile, I use it regularly for my skincare. It has benefitted my skin.

  7. Gotu kola is a new thing for me. I will try out the multani and gotu kola pack!

  8. I am a regular user of multani mitti. it can be used in mutiways just like you shared Sayeri. I am curious to try Gotu kola now.

  9. bytetrails says:

    Multani Mitti is said to really good to bring glow on the face. wHAT EXACTLY IS Gota Kola?

  10. My mom used to use Multani Mitti a lot and she always mentioned that it’s really good for skin… I really loved your post!!

  11. Neha Sharma says:

    Its been ages since I last used multani mitti pack on my face. Thanks for this post, I think it’s time to show some care to my skin too.

  12. Multani mitti has been my holy grain since 20 years. I use it for skin as well as hair.

  13. Multan I mitti is the easiest available and always available ingredient at home. Can be literally said mixed with anything to prepare a facepack.

  14. Anita says:

    I like using multani mitti face packs.This one with gotu kola multani mitti sounds like good idea for skin care

  15. Multani mitti is so good that we are using it since ages and I like it getting packed with ayurvedic benefits.

  16. Really multani mitti has so many beauty benefits .. I love to apply multani mitti once or twice a week ..

  17. I swear by my multani mitti face packs. Using it along with gels is a good thing for added benefits. Will try it!

  18. We have been using multani mitti from long time and know how this ingredient is so good for our skin.. will try this out

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