WATER BOTTLE-The Trailer Teasing Our Goose Bumps

Do you still own a water bottle from the good old days? Those school days… Water Bottle…yes this is the name and subject of the plot of this exclusive web series presented in 5 episodes and you can watch Water Bottle trailer online on ZEE5. FEAR and the expression of the villain Jyotileshwar is really fearful. In the trailer he says FEAR is the force that drives us, it is the primaeval source of evolution. Through the trailer, the complexity of the psychology of Jyotileshwar hints that he might be the killer….let’s pen down our further guesswork and foresees through other characters.

The lens focuses on BLUE WATER BOTTLE repeatedly…what does it hint at?

In the trailer of WATER BOTTLE, one thing is very obvious that boys between 7 to 10 are getting kidnapped on the way to school with a bag at back and blue water bottle hanged across the neck. But why the killer is targeting them? My dissection experience says, though the lens is trying to focus on Jyotileshwar but what about another character that says he loves blood and crime? With such intense moments, the thrill quotient is high in the trailer.

Heavy bag on Back with the heaviness of the pressure

Many childhood days are spent in pain, under the heavy bag of burden on the back. Is the serial killer talking about the burden of our education system that entangles the playful days with FEAR of rat race? Also, what is the significance of the BLUE WATER BOTTLE in the entire philosophy?

Maybe because blue is the colour of peace to keep the bad spirit away. The killer somewhere lacks this protectiveness. Maybe his childhood fear that he sees on face on those boys is his own astray past. He does not take this brutality of beheading, drowning little kids as an offence or crime rather considers as relieving from pain.

The mystery of Brain & Pen…or is it pain

Director Tathagata Mukherjee with his main cast Deepak Chakrabarty & Rajatava Dutta has played magnum opus of psychological dismay. The mysteries of human psychology is well portrayed through the storyline as per the trailer. I think the web series WATER BOTTLE will set a landmark among other web series and leading serial killing performances.

Chiranjit Chakrabarty may look old and tired in the series, but the way his character delves into the untangling of the killer’s psychology is sheer brilliance. In the show, this senior cop is teamed by Subho whose performance seems promising. Is the director trying out another set of Satyanweshi through this pair?

What is your prediction about this web series

My suspect is the writer and servant of Jyotileshwar as well. Cutting slack of the turmoil all around the combination of suspects and cops seems to platter a thrilling serial killer story to us. Talking about performances, all cast of WATER BOTTLE seem to be well selected and ace with believable performances.

I am totally taking out time to catch the whole web series and decipher the mystery behind such killings in the show? Either way, what are your say and predictions about ZEE5’s Water Bottle? Let us know in this space. I would love to be a part of the discussion.

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