How to Say NO to Insomnia?

Do you find it hard to fall asleep easily these days? Do you think your sleep cycle has altered recently? Do you feel tired even after you have woken up because the quality of sleep wasn’t really refreshing? Due to stress and lack of exercise insomnia is no more a problem that is only limited to middle ages. Many young people these days find it hard to have a good night sleep. But it’s no secret that for a good health and mind sleep is utmost important. There is even a popular old saying which goes like this – you may live in half filled stomach for a few days, but you can’t function without good sleep. And yet, we often ignore the problem and accept insomnia as part of our stressful lifestyle until our body signals that we need to do something to change the patters.

When that happens many of us resorts to chemical sleeping pills and the most dangerous fact about that is once your system gets used to chemically induced sleep, you may find it harder to quit. This also leaves a lot of side effects – particularly on our nervous system. This is why it’s always better to use a herbal remedy to treat insomnia. Hence, Nature Sure Somni Natural Sleep Aid Tablets.

Why Nature Sure – Somni?

Each tablet contains powerful all natural herbs that are used for generations in treating insomnia and also to attain a peaceful mind. Brahmi is known to reduce stress and boost cognitive ability, Shankhpushpi helps to combat insomnia by reducing anxiety, vatch reduces depression and treats headaches, Kai Mirch or black pepper is also a powerful remedy for anxiety, Gajwaan helps release restlessness, Khurasin Ajwain has sedating properties, Amla is also helpful in cognitive function and treating insomnia, and Pipla Mool helps in digestion.

Basically sleep disturbance happens for a range of reasons. Mostly it’s due to stress and anxiety, but also because of an underlying digestion issue. Somni deals with the problem in every ways by offering you an Ayurvedic formula that helps your mind and body heal to the point of achieving peaceful and quality sleep cycle.

How to use?

Before going to bed, take one tablet with water. It’s not advisable for pregnant and lactating women. Also if you are on any other medication, consult your doctor before starting a course of Somni. Make sure not to take this tablet up to 3 hours before any intense physical activity – like swimming or driving.

If you are experiencing troubled sleeping and trying out sleep inducing herbal teas and aromatherapy, but not getting the desired result and still feel quite beaten by fatigue and stress, then it’s time to give Nature Sure Somni a try. Since it has no side effects whatsoever, there’s no harm in trying.

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