Feminine Intimate Wipes – Keep Yourself Fresh & Clean

Now you can enjoy a handy sanitizing for down there. If you want to pamper yourself with the most hygienic way possible, intimate wipes are the best way to cater the purpose. Personally, I have used everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes which are very tender intimate wipes that you can use on the go. It comes really handy during your travels. A nice product you should always keep in your bag.

Keep you away from genital diseases 

Everteen wet wipes are specially designed for maintaining maximum hygiene of your intimate area wherever you are. It is tremendously useful while you have periods and also travelling. Everteen offers you clean and dry intimate wipes for complete protection from itchiness, dryness, excessive discharge in those painful days.

Bikini Hair Removal Cream with Least Sensitivity

I used Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes with total satisfaction which helps to make my intimate area clean and the hygiene and also refreshed whenever I am not at home. These clean and dry intimate wipes will keep you away from bacterial or urinary infection and make your intimate area happy even after your romantic night.

No harmful chemicals or preservatives

This is completely free from SLS, paraben or any other harmful chemicals, maintaining the natural pH of the sensitive skin of your private parts. Its already been dermatologically tested.

The product has a mild fragrance that will add a freshness to your intimate areas. These feminine wipes are something one needs to keep in her handbag every time they go out of the home.

Everteen wipes are made of 100% natural & biodegradable fabric materials to sooth you with an ULTRA-SOFT feel on your most sensitive and tender area. For the first time ever, everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are perfectly wrapped on individual pack for your convenience so that you never need to carry those bulky packs in your handbags. It is a product you simply can’t go out without. Use them for intimate care on your travelling. 

Secret of healthy & happy Women

There are some occasions when you can feel you need to clean yourself in a better way, like on long travels or a day-long trip, I found these feminine wipes really handy as they can offer you a mental satisfaction that you are clean and safe now which is true in every sense as well.

I am using everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes since long and am totally satisfied with the product. This ultimate hygienic and travel-friendly product is a must-have for every woman.

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