travelling during covid

Traveling During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Here are the protective measures you must follow:

With restrictions on traveling by public transport gradually easing up all over the world, you too are probably thinking of making domestic or international travel, but probably thinking whether it’s a good idea. Well, there’s no definite answer to it. Due to the character of Covid-19 and how fast it spread in crowded, low ventilated locations traveling in public transports definitely increases your chances of exposure to it. But then again, traveling cannot be avoided for an indefinite period of time because of economical and sociological reasons. 

So if you too are planning to travel in the coming days amidst the global outbreak of Covid-19 and post lockdown travel tips, here are some tips to ensure the safety of yours and your co-passengers and family members.

  1. First thing first, keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy in your hand luggage. Carry alcohol-based wipes to disinfect any surface before you touch them. 
  2. Try not to use the washroom when traveling, but if you must, carry a toilet seat sanitizer. 
  3. One of the most essential safety measures while traveling during this time is always carry your own food and water. 
  4. And for heaven’s sake, don’t remove your face mask. If you are taking a flight, the airlines authorities will give you additional protective gears, but always carry your own mask and wear it throughout your journey. 
  5. When taking a flight, try to book a window seat. Considering the six feet radius of the distance around you, having a wall on one side would directly reduce the number of people you are exposed to during travel. Not to mention all the people going up and down the aisle when you are traveling in a flight. 
  6. Carry an extra zip lock bag to store the items others may handle – such as your ID, travel documents etc. Keep them separately so that you can use them later after disinfecting. 
  7. Check with the state government rules of your place of a visit, to know about the quarantine rules, before planning your travel.  
  8. Once you have gotten into your seat, stay put. 
  9. Try to take shorter travels or break your journey into shorter flights, to minimize the exposure. 
  10. Finally, ask yourself, can you avoid traveling during this time? Book that ticket if it’s an absolute ‘no’. Additionally, consider if you can travel by road in your own car. That way you will have better control of your journey and minimize exposure to the crowd. 

If you are visiting an older or if you are someone with a pre-existing illness, see what experts are saying about extra precautions during travels. The situation is tricky especially if you are going to travel with children. Getting them to follow handwashing and mask-wearing behaviors at home is hard enough, it will be particularly so when you will travel after so long. Remember, authorities and experts have come up with safety tips for travelers during this pandemic for only those circumstances where it’s essential. So think ten times, take all the precautions, plan ahead for everything that can go wrong, and act wisely.

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