Best Ways to Deal with Hair Fall During Winter

Winter is here! And so is the flaky scalp and brittle hair. While most of us have to bear with bad hair days almost every single day, the winters somehow mainly make things harder than ever. There are many reasons for hair fall, which is why hair care in winter is a necessity. Even if you do not have time to visit salons for your hair spa sessions, you need to follow a hair care regimen at home to prevent hair fall during winter. 

Hot Oil Massages

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Just like your body needs both food and water for survival, your hair needs both oil and moisture. Many people avoid oil massages fearing it will make the hair sticky, allowing dirt and grime to stick to the hair even more. However, the right oil mix will not be sticky at all and make sure you shampoo your hair soon after and apply a conditioner. Use oil like almond and castor, which are full of nutrients and light on the hair. Massage it on the scalp with rotating motions to enhance blood circulation. Do it at least once a week to take care of all the reasons for hair fall. 

Take Your Vitamins

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Lack of nutrients is one of the primary reasons for hair fall. Vitamins derived from natural sources are the best therapy for hair fall. Have plenty of lentils and nuts in winter. They are rich in Vitamin E, K, and B3, essential for smooth cuticles and lustrous hair. Include citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in your diet as your body needs an extra dose of Vitamin C for added hydration. 

Using the Right Shampoo and Conditioner 

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While it is tempting to use a lot of hair products in winter because your hair gets so frizzy at this time of the year, the opposite is true. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner and leave it at that. You could use a hair serum twice a week if you have natural curls. Focus on shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients specially formulated to combat hair fall. Avoid using too many styling products or applying heat as it could lead to hair fall in the cold months by making hair brittle. 

Use Nourishing Hair Masks 

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Winters are perfect for indulging in nourishing hair masks to eliminate reasons for hair fall. You can make masks from pulpy fruits like papaya, banana, and pears. Add some yogurt to the mix, and your hair is sure to do a happy dance from all that extra love and care. Or, opt for some premium haircare brands which use natural ingredients. Allow the mask to sit for a while as your hair and scalp absorb all the goodness. Wash off with lukewarm water to experience unprecedented shine and bounce. Regular hair masks make the roots more robust, and your hair fall will visibly reduce over the winter. 

With these simple tips, you will notice a marked reduction in hair fall during winter, allowing you to flaunt your mane with pride, instead of being forced to tie it up with a scarf. You are sure to feel liberated like never before.  

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7 thoughts on “Best Ways to Deal with Hair Fall During Winter

  1. Hair fall can be at the least irritating and at the most alarming. These are some good tips to deal with it, selecting the right hair care products and proper diet are the best ways to arrest and manage hairfall.

  2. These are some amazing tips dear!! During winters hair need more care , I love hot oil massage for deep nourishment.

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