5 Gorgeous Ways To Style A Dupatta With A Modern Twist

5 Gorgeous Ways To Style A Dupatta With A Modern Twist

Dupattas are a part of Indian ethnic clothing that stays constant throughout many different types. Regardless of what you’re wearing, whether it’s a simple kurta, Anarkali, lehenga, ghagra, or anything else, a dupatta worn in the right way will enhance it gracefully. With dupattas, every colour, all the types of dupatta material, the embroidery, sequin work and more has the potential to define the direction the dupatta will take your outfit in. 

For every modern-day person, it is essential to incorporate that present-day freshness in ethnic, traditional outfits with a twist. Here are five gorgeous and easy ways to style a dupatta with a fashionable, trendy outlook:

  1. Throw both ends of the dupatta over your shoulders from the back so that the ends hang on the same level. Let the width of it cascade down your back and arms. Take a well-matched belt and tie it around your waist over the dupatta, so it cinches to create a flowy jacket look. This type of dupatta drape will work best on lehengas with net dupattas out of all different types of dupatta material.
  1. Wrap your dupatta over your shoulder and let it hang both sides equally and over your arm. Take the dupatta part near your waist and pull it over to the other side. Repeat with the side of your dupatta that’s against your back and pin them both together at your waist. This looks great when worn with a pair of kurta and leggings, as it allows you to showcase your dupatta work. Attempt this with a chiffon dupatta to add weight to your outfit.
5 Gorgeous Ways To Style A Dupatta With A Modern Twist
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  1. Drape your dupatta over your shoulders from the back and keep the width together. Tie a belt around your waist to cinch it there. Do this with a colourful dupatta over a pair of blacktop and leggings. The dupatta will give the outfit an attractive pop of colour, and this works with different types of dupatta material like cotton, banarasi silk, etc.
  1. Do a classic drape with your dupatta hanging on one shoulder. Tie the back end of it to your sleeve to give it a polished, refined look and let the width hang over your arm freely. This will look great when done with anarkalis and a classic, sophisticated fabric from types of dupatta material like velvet.
5 Gorgeous Ways To Style A Dupatta With A Modern Twist
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  1. Pleat your dupatta like a saree’s pallu and throw that over your shoulder. Leave the longer end behind with the front end near your waist. Tuck one end of this in your waistline to showcase the front pleats and tuck in one side of the other end at the same place. You can do this with sarees, lehengas, ghagras, etc., using an ikat dupatta.
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With these must-have types of dupatta material, you can pull off these looks and more with elegance. Shop for all these dupattas decorated with the most beautiful embroidery work and designs to enhance your wardrobe. Dupatta collections from many brands are precisely what every young woman needs – full of fresh, vibrant designs. With festivals and the wedding season right on our heads, there’s no time to waste. Start shopping

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