Haute couture and international fashion trends

Haute Couture & International Fashion Trends

You know, change is the only constant in the glamorous fashion world. Being a fashionista I prefer to keep tap on the international fashion trends portrayed or carried in the most-talked about fashion shows. What surprises me the most is the craze for the big labels which is not limited in Paris, the fashion hub. From International stars to models to celebs’ kids all are flaunting the brands with great panache.

Oaris Haute Couture Fashion 2018
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As following the fashion is so fascinating I can’t afford to miss the Haute Couture fashion weeks recently held where celebrated designers showcase their exceptional creativity. All thanks to the social media that is allowing us to flip through the best appearances of the fashion week.

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The intricate designs on the skillfully crafted ensembles always drag our attention. Often we get to see the celebs flaunting such sassy numbers with utmost confidence. The sparkling shades with perfectly paired accessories, painted lips, stilettos add the X-factor to the vibrant event. Following are the three dominating trends that captivated me more than anything.

Feather work - Haute Couture Parris Fashion Week 2018
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The Feather Touch:

Adding a feather to your cap may seem to be a daunting task but the use of feathers in ensemble is the current fashion that you can’t ignore. Sometimes, the designers use it to create wings that make the models look like a fairy queen.

Feather Touch - Parris Fashion Week 2018
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The striking feathers are also used to design a layered lowered. The exceptional creativity of the designers never goes unnoticed in the fashion world.

Haute Couture Fashion
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Haute Couture - Parris Fashion Week 2018
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The Bbead Work:

The shining beads are essential part of the trending fashion showcased by many International celebs at the award functions. Be it a short dress or asymmetrical gown with intricate sequin work, the beads are now favorite of big brands.

Haute Couture Parris Fashion Week 2018
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I simply can’t take my eyes off when a model walks the ramp wearing a short dress with heavy bead work.

Shining Silk:

Nothing can match the glossy silk texture when it comes to regal look. Designers have proved their weakness for soft, glossy and shining silk at various occasions and models too prefer the fabric to flaunt a classy look on the ramp.

International Fashion Trend
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The asymmetrical pattern is in vogue in silk gown but what I like the most is the lace work on the silk fabric. Be it lustrous red or smooth peach colored ensembles, the model looks ethereal in silk.

Parris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2018
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Totally smitten by the style of the international stars I tried to find a cost-effective solution to imitate their designs. Brands cost like a bomb but finding a tailor who can help you replicate the style is an easy option. What came to my rescue was a fashion site Tissura online fabric store. Here, I got the excellent fabrics available in different patterns and prints. The affordable range is another reason to recommend this site. It offers a wide variety of collection to choose from. Fashion flock should take out their time to flip through this online portal. It is not limited to women’s fashion. Men’s can also buy their favorite fabrics, accessories and lots more.

Do share about your style and your favorite online shopping portals.

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  1. Silk and lace never go out of style. Fashion repeats every decade but some pieces are always classic and are definitely an investment. Thanks for sharing runway trends.

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