Balanced Nutrition for a Healthy Start at Life

Balanced Nutrition for a Healthy Start at Life

Let’s take a sneak peek into my daily life:

I work as a digital marketing analyst, I’m also a mom to a monkey and I try to manage my daily schedule effortlessly. 

As a marketer I have earned quite some respect in my circle of friends and colleagues who look up to me for tips on maintaining a perfect home and meeting office deadlines. However, these days Mickey has been giving me a harrowing time. Every other day, he will sit at the breakfast table and refuse to eat the food that has been thoughtfully prepared. I tried out different recipes to suit his palate. But he would just push the food around. No coaxing or cajoling on my part could make him eat more than a morsel. In the process, I would run late for work. 

One day, in a meeting my boss’s sarcastic and condescending tone led the erstwhile star performer to break down. On one hand I was failing at my work commitments and on the other hand my child was not getting a proper nutritious meal to start his day with. Apart from his nutrition, I was also starting to worry how it would affect his studies and thus his growth.

My world was starting to fall apart. I decided to confide in Nitu, my best friend.

I was distressed to reach the office late every day. Nitu, herself a mother to a 5-year-old boy, could feel my predicament. She advised me to try PediaSure for my kid. PediaSure, the most trusted brand from the leading pharma giant Abbott, had proved to be a boon for her son. She managed to convince me that PediaSure is the #FirstStepToGrowRight not just nutrition wise, but also to interpret growth indicators.

In 2006, WHO published the first global growth standards for children below 5 years. Since then, growth indicators in kids in India till 5 are measured following the standard guidelines as adopted by the Government of India and Indian Academy of Pediatrics following WHO guidelines. [Source]

PediaSure’s formulation for kids aged 2 and above contains 37 nutrients which provide balanced and complete nutrition during these years of rapid growth and development. This scientific formulation provides Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) and MicroNutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) among other things. 

With Nitu’s guidance, I decided to feed a glass of PediaSure to Mickey at breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mickey had started to look forward to breakfast each day just so he could have PediaSure! Within 3 months there was a visible change. His overall appetite improved and he had grown an inch taller. He no longer fussed at the breakfast table. His weight also started rising steadily. That sorted the nutrition bit.

Then I came across a tracker introduced by PediaSure. I began to use this to keep a better check on his growth. Just by entering his age, height and weight I can download a report at regular intervals. This has given me more accurate information on how to interpret his growth indicators, the second benefit I mentioned earlier.

PediaSure is taking care of his bone growth, strength training and brain development and the tracker gives me assurance of it!

My work life balance was restored, within a few months I received a much-coveted promotion. Till date I remain thankful to Nitu.

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8 thoughts on “Balanced Nutrition for a Healthy Start at Life

  1. Glad your work life balance is restored. Its difficult to concentrate on work when kids give us a tough time with their meals

  2. I’ve always believed in giving balanced and structured meals for my boy, right from his toddlerhood and it is very much related to a child’s eating habits. We too use this growth tracker.

  3. Loved reading your experience. I am sure a lot of moms are on the same boat and will greatly benefit from reading about your journey of overcoming the nutritional challenges in your kids’ diet.

  4. Tracking a child’s growth is very important for overall growth of the child. Thanks for sharing your kids nutritional challenge journey and how you sailed through this.

  5. Growth tracker gives you. the understanding of the nutritional requirement of your child and gives you the comfort of designing the diet of your child accordingly. Loved your post.

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