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Redefine your ensemble with a pocket square

Slipping into a fine looking and well fitted tuxedo is literally every man’s dream. They are manly, elegant and oh-so sexy! Wearing a suit doesn’t require much finesse but simply a little thought put to it. When all the pieces of that beautiful ensemble are put together, that’s what makes …

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As an entrepreneur, the need to constantly evolve with new springs of idea is a quintessential tool for your business growth. Ability to strategize and adopt new goals to help realize customer satisfaction and increase sales is crucial. This article seeks to help with some of these business ideas to …

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Why Are Running Socks As Important As Running Shoes?

Running socks!! Yes, these are the socks designed specifically to run. The running socks are different from the normal day to day socks as they keep the feet comfortable and dry when running for a long duration of time. While running, these special socks provide not only comfort but also …

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5 Steps To Radiant You With No-Harm Skin Care Range

It’s that time of the year again.  The chills of winter is fading away little by little, and especially during the night time – after you have just washed your face, before going to bed – there’s that annoying shrinking sensation in the skin. Dull, scaly texture, chapped lips…ugh!  But …

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Occasions to Give A Handmade Couple Portrait Painting

The exchange of presents is an honored custom, and for a very long time, an individual everywhere throughout the world has exchanged endowments as a sign of adoration, warmth, and love. It is an approach to give your friends and family some huge blessings or perhaps little with but with …

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Say hello to 21st century life skills at the British Council Holiday Camp 2019

In this increasingly competitive world, children need to be equipped to make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work well within teams and groups. To nurture your little one, the British Council, world’s largest English language institution, has announced Holiday Camp – exciting new compact courses to develop leadership …

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Health & Nutrition Benefits of Palm Oil

Want to cook tasty yet healthy food? Try Palm oil…it is the healthiest one among its type which is light in weight hence does not affect your health but enhances the taste. You may use it for desserts, sweets, cakes or any deep-fries. Want to know details on what Palm …

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I gave a new look to my skin…Aren’t you trying the trick?

I have always been a girl with freckled skin which was also acne-prone. Tried and tested various tips and tricks, visited dermatologists and doctors during my teenage. But it seemed of no use! During my graduation somehow I managed it, but since when I started going to the office and …

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Fresh All the Time: Off the Job Makeup for Teen Models

Maintaining an image is considered one of the essential responsibilities that models need to uphold. This is especially true for those whose names are already familiar among the general public or whose faces are associated with a famous brand.  Therefore, even when a young model is not working, she needs …

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Low Cost Styling: Tricks To Take Advantage Of Your Clothes

You don’t need a big budget to dress in style. Updated basics and well-chosen accessories will work the magic in your closet. 1. Striped! If you want to take a jacket suit a little seriously, a good idea is to change the classic shirt for the casual touch of a …

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