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NASA says 1Kilo Spirulina = 1000 kilo assorted Vegetables

Prolgae Spirulina has taken a decent stand up in regards to unadulterated characteristic item with all common benefits those are useful for our wellbeing. Spirulina is blue-green microalga (cyanobacteria) which is specially harvested from alkaline water resources and freshwater of lakes, rivers and pond. This single-celled organism is considered as …

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Pre-Bridal Spa and Massage
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Bride-To-Be? Get the Glow with Pre-Bridal Spa and Massage Treatments!

6-months of courtship before wedlock, feisty fetishes, keep revisiting your mind every now and then. From ‘I want to look beautiful’ to ‘whether I would look beautiful’ on my D-Day – every bride yearns for the showstopper moment with her sunshine! Your vivacious appearance depends on the smooth and silkiness …

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Menstrual Cup
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How To Use A Menstrual Cup – Pros & Cons

Vaginal Care is one of the most daunting realms of the era. Cervical cancer-caused by vaginal disease is a global burden. 6-29% of mortality rate in women for cancer is a result of reluctance in vaginal care. So I am coming up with a series of post on women’s vaginal …

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Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal – Experience the Exclusive Psychological Thriller

Are you a thriller movie buff like me? When it comes to psychological thriller or some serial killer movies I just cannot keep away! The acclaimed clarity and game of Mind behind an innocent Face are horrifying yet enigmatic.  To add another of its kind but with a unique dissection …

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wedding reception venue india
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What One Should Not Do While Selecting An Event Venue

What Not To Do When Selecting Wedding Venues In Chennai? What’s the most stressful part of a wedding? Planning it. What the most stressful part of planning a wedding? Finding the venue. These are facts of life that cannot be changed. When you go looking for a wedding reception venue, …

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WATER BOTTLE-The Trailer Teasing Our Goose Bumps

Do you still own a water bottle from the good old days? Those school days… Water Bottle…yes this is the name and subject of the plot of this exclusive web series presented in 5 episodes and you can watch Water Bottle trailer online on ZEE5. FEAR and the expression of …

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ZEE5 Originals
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ZEE5’s Onek Diner Pore Is the Purview of Dare & Truth Of Life & Liveliness

The storyline of the movie revolves around the ugliness of truth and dare of living a life full of deception. It is not just a story of 4 friends it is rather a story of almost all girls turned to a woman overcoming the peril that life and society offers. …

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