5 Facts You Should Know About Diamond Rings

Each diamond is beautiful and rare in its own way. The one you choose will never be identical to any other out there. Gemstones are pretty niche. It’s unlikely that unless you are in the business of jewellery, you are probably unaware of most of the must-know facts about diamonds.

Diamonds are magical and special in every way, it’s no wonder they are a top favourite for engagement rings. When buying diamonds UK retailers offer, you will see a large variety of diamonds coming in all different shapes and sizes.

There are some key pieces of information however, it pays to know about. This article will discuss exactly what these key details are so you can walk into any store or purchase process with confidence and knowledge.

1.Learn & Understand The 4 Cs.

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If you have started looking into the realm of diamonds, it’s more than likely you have come across this term. The four C’s were created by GIA to globally define and standardise diamonds. They stand for: Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight and Colour. They are now the world-wide method for assess the value of diamonds. This is why it’s crucial to learn the language so you can go into a conversation on the same level as the jeweller.

2.Understanding The Certifications Process

Diamonds come with their own set of certifications and authentications. It’s crucial you ask for these in the buying process as this gives details on measurements, stone types and where the diamond was sourced.

Perfect & Imperfect Diamonds are pretty much the same

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You hear the two words and think automatically that there is a big difference. However, imperfect diamonds are just as sparkly and wonderful as perfect diamonds. The term ‘flawless’ means that when closely examined, a jeweller can’t see any inclusions. This is an extremely minute detail and it won’t impact how the diamond looks on the ring or the finger.

3.The diamonds cut refers to the shape but also dictates how it sparkles

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Cut in diamond talk means two different things. One meaning can be the literal cut: pear, princess and so on. The other meaning talks about cut grade which focuses on the manufacturing process and how it’s been cut from the raw crystal form. Brilliant and princess cuts you will notice are much more popular as they ‘sparkle’ more due to the cut. However, this is pretty subjective.

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4.Get proof the diamond is ethical

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There’s been a lot of buzz in the media about unethically sourced diamonds. It’s important to get clued up on how the diamond was sourced and that it doesn’t come from a war zone or people were not exploited during its sourcing. Knowing the country and mine it was from will help you dictate whether it was ethically sourced as well as the official documents.

5.There are two colours of diamonds: Discoloured and Rare

You can find yellowish discoloured diamonds that are just poor quality white diamonds. Then you get fancy colours which have a different grading as they are rarer. Shades such as red and pink are very rare so will cost a lot more.

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Now, you know a thing or two about the essentials of buying a diamond. This knowledge will make the buying process that bit easier so you can locate the ring or stone you really want.


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