The BONG Look

Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does….

My mom use to tell this to me and now I feel this is really true. Generally, I love western outfits as i feel so comfy with that but when its my cousin’s marriage or my anniversary party, I cant think myself without a Saree.


Saree is something that can add an extra flavor to your look. You can rediscover your bong look with a designer saree.

In my daily life its very difficult for me to wear saree as I travel in crowded train and bus so whenever I get any occasion I use to pamper my look and style with saree.

Typically Bong:

A few days back I have got an invitation from my friend for a get-together party and I would definitely pick a traditional saree for this occasion and I know I will be the head turner there πŸ™‚

The red saree, small bindi, a jhumka and flowers for hair bun – I think these are enough for a perfect bong look.


Yes! I am ready for the party. πŸ™‚

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