Be the Doctor of your Own Website:

If you want to rank high for your business then the first thing you need to take care of is your website health.

I am doing SEO for the last 5 -6 years and for that I have experience of dealing with different types of websites. Different business, a different platform with the different goal.

Sharing one of my experiences here:

For a website, the client was asking us repeatedly for organic ranking. We have done so many things to get rank in SERP but unfortunately, none of the keywords were ranking. Now tell what was the reason?

The entire website was blocked by Google-bot 🙂

For this reason, I am asking to check few things before starting any work.

website health checkup - SEO

Things you need to check:

1.Index/default file: Need to check the website is opening with some extensions (e.g. default.aspx, index.php, index.html etc) or not.

Example: is opening with or etc.

Impact: Google will take this as different pages with same content which mean duplicate issue.

Recommendation: A 301 redirection from the to or you need to place the home page canonical tag in the header part of

2.Test Server Index-able: Need to check, the test server is indexed by the search engine or not.When the developers working on to make a website, they do all the testing, R&D in the staging section and after getting a positive signal from the tester they will make it live.Ideally, that staging server should be blocked through robots.txt otherwise, it has been crawled by the spider.

Impact: Google crawl the staging site and consider that as a separate website with same content like the original site and it comes in search result rendering duplication.

Recommendation:Always keep the staging site blocked through Robots.txt file using the following syntax:

Disallow: staging site URL

duplicate meta title
source: Yoast Knowledge Base

3.Duplicate Title Tag: Every single page should have a different and unique meta title to ignore the duplicate issue.

Impact: Hamper the ranking for targeted keywords

Recommendation:We can check that from Google webmaster and modify accordingly.

4. BackLink (Porn, Gambling, link farms etc): Before starting work it is suggested to check the existing list of backlinks and disavow all the bad or irrelevant links.

Impact: Ranking will be affected badly.

Recommendation: When the project comes to you, do check the backlinks first before starting any work.

source: dc8hdnsmzapvm
source: dc8hdnsmzapvm

5.Google’s Cache Dates: The cache dates of the main indexed pages should be checked before starting work.It shouldn’t be less that one week.

Impact: It may cause due to indexing problem.

Recommendation: It is suggested to create an XML sitemap and submit the same in webmaster to improve the cache dates.

I have shared few of the parameters here, to get the whole parameters with example and recommendation mail me at sayerivi08@gmaildotcom

Please comment below if you have anything in mind 🙂


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