Easy Night Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

β€œAcne is a bigger problem than injuries” ~ Brian Clough

Yes, I believe the same too πŸ™

Our lifestyle, pollution, stress all are responsible for this Acne.

First of all, we need to follow few basic things to ignore this problem:

1. Avoid junk foods, cold drinks, ice cream, chocolates etc.
2. Drink at least 3 LTR water/ day
3. Eat fruits and green vegetables,vitamins D, C, E & K are very imp for healthy and glowing skin.
4.At least 7 hours sleep daily.
5. If possible, cover up your face with a dupatta while you are going out of your house… No Dust, No Acne.


I have a very acne-prone skin and my skin is combination type with oily T-zone. I am not a housewife so I have to go for office every day and the dust , pollution all help the Acne to come out on my face πŸ™

Generally, for any skin type, cleansing is very imp. Remember, before going bed always remove your makeup and clean your face properly.

Today, I am sharing my night care routine with you all. Hope it will help you to control the acne.

1. Use a makeup remover… I use a green apple oil (organic) to remove my makeup.

From Qtrove

2.Use a face wash and massage it gently (upwards direction always). Clean your face with water then. I use the pimple clearing face wash.

From Local Store

3. Exfoliation is very important, use a face scrub and massage it on your face (Do this thrice/week). I am using Fab-India neem gel scrub.

From Nykaa.com

4.Apply a night cream on your face. I am using Lotus night cream for the past three years.

From Local Store

5. If you have dark circles, Puffy eyes and fine lines then use an under eye cream too. I am using VLCC under eye cream recently.

From Local Store

That’s all, hardly it will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete all the steps. We all want a healthy and glowing skin. So do not go to bed with makeup and dust on your skin. A daily care is very important.

One more thing,your neck is as important as your face is, so do the same for your neck also. Apart from that, you should use a mud face pack twice a week on your face and neck area.

Follow this routine and give your feedback in the below comment box πŸ™‚


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