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Struggles & Hurdles…..My Life My Story!

We all know today is 8th March, The Women’s Day…all women across the globe celebrate this day. Personally, I don’t believe in this women’s day concept. Because I feel we don’t have to work on women empowerment because we are powerful already.

The thing that we should change is our mentality, our thought process, our way of living the life. Most importantly education is very much needed becauase it will help you to think better and live better.

Trust me, maximum negative words I have received from the women of my surroundings. I am living my life independently. I don’t really care what others people are thinking about me (because they are not imp in my life).

For me, life was not smooth and still, I’m struggling with so many things.

It’s My Story….

I have born in a lower middle-class family (Yes, I have middle-class sentiment ;)) and my father struggled a lot to ensure a better future for me. I have spent my school days in a single room, did all my studies there. All my friends had tutors for each subject while I did my 12th study almost without a tutor. After my graduation, my friends took admission for M.Sc but I didn’t. What I had needed that time was a JOB.

My Story - Sayeridiary
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I wanted to earn money because I knew now it’s my turn to ensure the better life for my parents. I joined a Pvt company and my salary was 4000/month. It was 2011 and then 4k was a big amount for me

Now after 7 years when I sit and look back, I find myself happy and independent. The job is good, my blog has given me little bit recognition, my son (Mickey) has added more glitters in my life. And I get the full support from my husband too.

What do I want?

I want to give all the happiness to my parents. Wish all good things for my son and want to support my husband throughout the life.

The way of thinking

My Life My Story
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I have a major problem. I just dislike fake people and buttering people is not just my cup of tea. I prefer to be honest always and I hate lies. I try to help people in whatever way it is possible.

Negative Words…

My Life Story
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Trust me, maximum negative gestures I get from the women of my surroundings. I think they have enough time and gossiping is their favorite pass time.

See, what do they tell about me?

  • Why don’t you wear sindoor (vermillion)?

My Ans: Boys will think I am still available (Sarcasm it is)

  • Oh! You don’t cook? So, after office do you have any work?

My Ans:  I have so many things to do so I don’t get time for cooking.

  • She is working so her parents don’t tell her anything. Spoiled child!

My Ans: My parents always support me to dream big. Whatever I am today, that is for them only.

  • She has attitude problem!

My Ans: I can’t connect with people like you. And I think ignorance is the best policy.

  • We asked our son not to marry a working woman, but all is our fate.

My Ans: I was silent. Because I was thinking how should I react! Yes, I got this response from my MIL (she is a woman, unfortunately).

Happy me - Sayeridiary

I believe life is a stony road where you have to make your own path. You have the option to make it beautiful or to make it worse. Love yourself (self-love is imp), spread happiness and help the people who are in need.

What is your story? Share below in the comment box.

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15 thoughts on “Struggles & Hurdles…..My Life My Story!

  1. The way you are going and growing as a blogger is a serious attempt.

    Only few can continue even in such circumstances where time management is a great challenge.

    Sometimes I learn from you how to manage time.

    The thing that you have mentioned about women empowerment is real and is like hidden treasure that is lying within every human being.

    It is fortunate that some people find it or some never gudge themselves in entire life. It is necessary to dig deeper and find that potential inside own thought.

    Let all the women ensure their immense energy within on this occassion of international women’s day.

  2. These are some everyday battles women has to brace when she has an opinion. Why do you do that? Why not this? All these questions are directly asked to us on face.. at the same time Men can have their life and peace.
    Wonderful take and yes, I am proud to be associated with you strong lady. #AlexaTheIncredible #womenbloggerwb

    1. Thanks a lot dear… sometimes we need a place where we can write and shout for everything and anything.A real pleasure of a blogger.

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