Sharate Aaj – The Original Bengali Series by ZEE5 Exclusively

Sharate Kal (autumn) is very special for every Bengali. Not just Hindu, even Bengali Muslims keeps attuned to the spirit of Devi bodhon, Durga Pujo. Yes, my heart skips a beat with the very mention of it. So, I was overjoyed to come across the Bengali original series Sharate Aaj. The ZEE5 original series faithfully depicts a group of Bengalis staying at London and organizing Durga Pujo and the dangers that loom over the event.

Dasso Bhuja Ma Durga with Special Bengali Tangent

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Often many say that Bengali is the sweetest language. Even in the series, With Sharate Aaj, one can feel the true Bengali sentiment intact with a pure bonding of Durga Pujo and Rabindra Sangeet, along with well-written characters.

The power-packed star cast of the series includes Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Payel Sarkar, Riddhi Sen, Surangana Bandyopadhyay, Kanchan Mallik, Joydeep Mukherjee, Bidipta Chakraborty and Soumya Sengupta.

Also, apart from acting as the lead character Mahbub, Parambrata is the writer and director of the show. He has directed quite some movies in Bengali in the past. However, this is the first time he is on the director’s chair for a web series.

For the Bengali filmgoer, Parambrata is someone who doesn’t need an introduction. He is known to play his part with so much dedication and it reflects throughout his work, Sharate Aaj is not an exception as well. The loneliness, the pain of a lost soul is resplendently showed through this character. I have literally fallen in love with Mahbub. ☺

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Payel Sarkar plays Sahana and is paired opposite Parambrata in this series. The beginning of the story focuses on their developing chemistry which spices up the storyline of Sharate Aaj and culminates with a beautiful end note of acceptance at the last episode. The idea – Love is blind and it can overlook any hurdle to be together is treated realistically and hence, connects well with the audience.

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Talking about other actors, I must say, Surangana and Riddhi are going to rule the industry as a hit Jodi in the coming future. Both of them are extremely talented and they have amazing on-screen chemistry in Sharate Aaj. Riddhi is a gem for the Bengali film industry and director Parambrata ingeniously uses the best out of his talents.

Coming back to Parambrata, but this time as a director knows how to play with characters. While the first episode gives us the basic introduction of each character, from the second episode we begin seeing its dense themes of life away from motherland, religious equality to name a few.

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About the technical aspects, the cinematography is outstanding.  Portraying that Bong life abroad is not an easy job. For example, in one scene, during the Durga Pujo, the camera first focuses at the ends of long hair and then for the first time focuses on Durga Murti. Such beautiful visuals are abundant through the series and give a message of love, togetherness, equality etc. Playing an important part in keeping the Bengali sentiment strong within the series is the use of Rabindra Sangeet and folk music that makes for a gripping background score.

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In short, don’t miss out a single episode, because watching Sharate Aaj will be a cinematic treat for you.

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16 thoughts on “Sharate Aaj – The Original Bengali Series by ZEE5 Exclusively

  1. I is definetly going to be a hit series..its been a long time we needed some good stuff to sure this will be a treat

  2. Hi Sayeri,

    Parambrata is a very good actor. I have seen few of his work. He gets in to the character effortlessly. The stills in your post looks interesting. It is worth watching. Anyways I love watching thrillers and this looks like a good one.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  3. Durga Puja and Rabindra Sangeet are glittering gems of India’s cultural heritage and the pride of every Indian. This serial seems to present these two gems in the environs of London. Definitely sounds interesting.

  4. This sounds really interesting, I am a very huge fan of Parambrata. Definitely gonna watch this.

  5. The stills from the series look really intriguing and I would love to watch. I have seen Parambrata’s work before and he has got all great following for good reasons.

  6. I was born in Kolkata and have been staying here for last 10 years! Durga puja
    here has another level of energy altogether! I am definitely going to watch this… Especially because I have a huge crush on Parambrata! ❤

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