Zoobooks, Zoobies & Zootles – So much fun for your Kid

Well, This time it is for Mickey only. My cute son loves wild animals and Discovery is one of his favorite channels. He loves to watch the Lion, Tiger, Penguin, Giraffe etc and he always asks me so many weird questions about Dinosaur.

Recently I have come across to a website called Zoobooks.com. It is an award-winning publication of wild animal books.

Their Mission

To turn a child’s love of animals into a love of reading and to inspire a child’s love of nature & animals.

About Zoobooks: Zoobooks is published by Wildlife Education, Ltd., established in 1980 to provide wild learning fun for children of all ages.

Thirty years ago, John Wexo planned the idea for Zoobooks when he was standing in front of a primate enclosure at Zoo. He wanted to create a colorful and informative series of animal books for children.

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They have a series of books for different child groups.


1.Zoobies For the kids 0 – 3 years

This book is all about your kid’s favorite animals like crocodile, penguin etc. Your child will love the colorful photography and at the same time learn new things about the habitat of Penguins.

2.Zootles For the kids 3 to 6 years

This one is about the Tiger. They have amazingly displayed socialization and ecological role of tigers through stunning images. Your child will learn how the tiger’s hunt, hide, roar and even swim. 🙂

3.ZoobooksFor the kids 6 – 12 years

Here your kid will learn so many unknown facts about the Polar Bear. Did you know that a Polar Bear can swim 60 miles without rest? You can also join with your kid and enjoy the reading.

ZoodinosFor the Kids 5 years and Up

We all have a keen interest about the Dinosaur family. In this book, your kid will learn many facts about this reptile family. Tyrannosaurus, Theropod and their habits are nicely described in this book through life-like illustrations.

Start your Subscription Today – They have an amazing offer for you: You can go for a yearly subscription at only $19.95 + $7.95 shipping & handling. You need to select from the following options based on your kid’s age:

Zoobooks:Ages 6-12 (9 Books) Zootles: Ages 3-6 (6 Books) Zoobies: Ages 0-3 (6 Books)

Get Free Gifts with your order:

Join The Club: Special Introductory Offer!

My Experience: I am so impressed by their books. So nicely described with the help of stunning images, researched texts and beautiful illustrator.

SayeriDiary Score: 4.9/5

Check out their website and order today!

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