Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants – A book by Anand Suspi

‘Memories are the timeless treasures of our heart!!’

Recently, Paper Boat (Hector Beverages) has sent me a book for review purpose. It is their first title in the world of book and coincidentally my first book review too. 🙂

Yes, I am super excited!! Let’s start with it:

Book Name ‘Half Pants Full Pants’

Author NameAnand Suspi

About The Author -Anand Subbarao (known as Suspi to those who know him since 1993) has been an advertising writer for the past 20 years. He has spent a large part of his career in Lowe Lintas. He now lives in Gurgaon and runs his own (largely unknown) ad agency called AndAnd.

About The Book – ‘Half Pants Full Pants’ by Anand Suspi – a debut collection of short stories about a little boy (the author himself) growing up in sleepy Shimoga. It is a city in Karnataka,lies on the banks of the Tunga River.

Suspi has divided the book into two sections – 1. Half Pant Days & 2. Full Pant Days and there are 38 short stories altogether.

Half Pant Days – It is all about Suspi’s childhood adventures, the stories of Dabba 🙂

Full Pant Days – It talks about his teenage stories.

‘This is a book about Childhood, Best enjoyed after you’ve left it behind.’

The book cover is so nice! An image of 5 paisa & 10 paisa and the name ‘Half Pants Full Pants’ is written over there. It is a thought of creative mind – 5 & 10 paisa we have seen in our childhood days and it is rightly justified the name ‘Half Pants Full Pants’ too.

What did Suspi say about this book?

See What legendary filmmaker R. Balki says about this book:

My Experience – I always want to bring back my childhood days because like everyone this is the best part of my life still.A big thank to Mr.Anand Suspi, who has helped me out to re-live my childhood once again.Each and every story of this book reminds me my childhood, my teenage days.The nostalgia that is the thing you can cherish with this book.You can get the same flavor like ‘Malgudi Days’. It is truly said, after each chapter you would be compelled to put it down and pick up your own story again.

From playing a rare instrument, to asking Rajiv Gandhi intimate questions, to practicing dolphin dives, to hanging out of a running train in the middle of the night; to witnessing a world record, to being caught in a flood of sambar, to learning kung-fu with mosquitoes, to becoming the “inventor” of capris, to making magnets, to planning a borewell…Half Pants Full Pants is a collective real life story of a growing up boy in Shimoga. Starting from childhood adventures to teenage fun all are effortlessly described in this book.

This is not a book for children, it is a book for people like us, who can literally die to get back their childhood days again!! Be nostalgic & cherish your childhood memories.

Availability –  You can buy it on Amazon or Flipkart.

Price – 195 INR

SayeriDiary Rating – 4.8/5

Happy Reading!! 🙂


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