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Mother Sparsh – The 99% Water Wipe Now Comes In Extra Thick Fabric Like Never Before

When the priority of your life is to take the best care of your little darling, Mother Sparsh is also holistically dedicated as your best pal in this endeavor. With an expert team, they are on consistent research and advanced formulation of water wipes that can superlatively assist you to keep your young one clean and hygienic. The new pack has extra thick organic fabric which has 99% water content and safely takes care of neonatal skin. Moreover not just for bottom wash you can now as well use it for face, hand, and body wash. It has no parabens, alcohol or added fragrance.

Mother Sparsh Wipes

Exquisite for sensitive skin of the newborn

The delicate and sensitive skin of the neonatal or newborn needs extra care like the caring passionate touch of a mother or something pure like water and nature. #SensitiveWipes @Mothersparsh accomplishes all the best care you want for your toddler. Its fabric is made of plant pulp hence is totally organic. The extra three times optimum thick and soft fabric is better than any ordinary water wipes hence is gentle for hand, face and bottom part of the baby. It does not scratches or rashes the fine skin.

No Chemicals – As water is ever best to keep clean

Remember the Grandma sayings, be it baby care or puja rituals clean water can do best. Also, the dermatologist says same while testing and certifying #UnscentedWaterWipes of Mother Sparsh. It has 99% water content and is absolutely devoid of Alcohol, Parabens, Fragrance or Chemicals. It is non – reactive non – allergic.

Moisture lock lid to carry safely and securely

You can carry these wipes easily as it has a resealable sticker with protective lid that assures moisture lock and preserves freshness captivating any entry of germs and dirt. The #SensitiveWipes is the best solution to keep your baby clean and hygienic at home and even at outdoor.

water wipes

When to use

Some most important situations when this water wipes best serves your needs:-

  1. After Diaper Change – Especially after changing a diaper, your baby needs a wash of the bottom part for avoiding rashes and infections. The clean and pure water boosted soft wipes cleans and keep your baby fresh.
  2. Avoid rashes on the skin – After every pee wash the little baby’s body and hand to keep hygienic and germs free.
  3. On exposure to dirt – While you are always cautious that any germs or dirt should not come in contact of the skin of the toddler, Mother Sparsh water wipes is similarly active in wiping out all and keep clean.
  4. Drooling – The excessive drooling needs a wipe off. Normal or dry cotton can hurt the skin. So water wipes do it well.
    Apart from these, it can be used for any other purpose or situation to take best cleaning care of neonatal.

Care for Nature- The Mother

Mother Sparsh water wipes are 100% organic made without any chemicals so it is totally biodegradable. Other wet wipes are the 3rd largest items that comprise landfills and marked as 30% of non-biodegradable waste. It adds to 7.6 million pounds of garbage every year.

So by using this wipes you are not just caring your toddler’s sensitive skin but also accomplishing the responsibility of a Mother by keeping Nature safe for long after generations.


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2 thoughts on “Mother Sparsh – The 99% Water Wipe Now Comes In Extra Thick Fabric Like Never Before

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Mother Sparsh has gain immense popularity among young moms. It is such an amazing product for your babies. It keeps your baby clean as well as rashes free.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. Mothersparsh water wipes are really good. the quality of fabric, the moiature content iabao bang on

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