My Weight Loss Story – Stay Healthy & Pretty Always!

Eat For Your Stomach, Not For Your Tongue

Now I believe in these words.A well-planned food habit helps me a lot. I feel fresh and healthy from inside.

My height is 5ft 4 inch and I was 55 to 56 kgs always. I think that was okay according to my height and I didn’t  ever try any workouts and I didn’t have a good food habit that time. My weekends were full with cold drinks and junk foods. And within few days of my marriage, I was diagnosed with PCOD.

My Doctor asked me to conceive early and at the age of 26, I became a mother. My pregnancy journey was not that much good but anyway, after delivery I didn’t have sufficient breast milk. I have taken medicine (prescribed by Doctor)  to produce milk and first 6 months, It was exclusive breastfeeding only.

Result?? My weight dropped down to 49 which was basically underweight.

See my face 😉

I was very happy and again started eating chocolates, Ice cream, junk foods etc etc and within few months put on weights.

After that, everything was going good but for the last few months, I was feeling heavy from inside, have seen some unexpected belly fat, I rejected few dresses for size issue and when I finally took my weight, it was 60.5.

It was a family function and this pic was clicked on 28th January.

OMG!! That was a shock for me 🙁 🙁 Because I didn’t ever think that I would be 60 kgs. People also started asking me for that. What questions I have faced???

‘You are looking fat’

‘Hey, you have excessive belly fat’

‘Sister, you are gaining weight everyday’

After that, I have started thinking about this problem. Basically, I am a very lazy person so workout, gym these are not my cup of tea. I love dancing so I could do that also (dance is the best exercise for body).But I didn’t even try that.

So What I did?

I have deleted rice from my daily routine.I only eat rice during weekends.

What was my routine?

source: youtube
  • At 7.30, lemon juice with 1 cup lukewarm water. It helps in constipation also.
  • At 10.30, 2 roti and Sabji
  • At 12.30, again 2 roti and Sabji/Non-Veg
  • At 4.00, a cup of tea and biscuits (No need to skip sugar)
  • At 5.30, light snacks (better if you can eat something homemade) I ate biscuits, chole etc.
  • At 8.30, a cup of tea and biscuit
  • At 11.00 pm, dinner 3 roti and sabji.

During that period, I felt hungry throughout the day. So keep some chana, light biscuits always with you. Because when you are cutting foods from your daily meals, you will feel uncomfortable. You have to control that.

I have started this diet since January 2017, after 6 months, my weight became 57. I didn’t do any workouts, no as such strict diet, no skip of meals so it took 6 months to lose 3 kgs.

Here is my current pic:

Now also I am following the same diet( not taking that lemon water only)  and I don’t feel hungry in between my meals. I think my body and mind both are adjusted with this diet plan.

Things Need to Keep in mind:

  • This diet plan goes well with my body type. I don’t know it will work for you or not.
  • If you have digestion problem then you can’t follow this diet, because eating roti throughout the day may be not possible for you then.
  • Eat good amount of rice twice a week
  • Drink sufficient water (try 3 liters daily)
  • Say NO to cigarette and alcohol
  • It is a time taking process. You cant get the result within a week. But you could feel the difference after 1 month.

What do I believe?

It is not about the following diet for a time period. If you want to be healthy and happy then you have to develop a good food habit and maintain that throughout your life. Trust me it’s not so easy, you have to control your mind. Overweight not only bad for your health, you will lose your confidence level also.

I know, pizza, coc, chocolates, mayonnaise, burger, ice cream all are very delicious but you have to stop eating for your tongue. It will damage your stomach.

But twice in a month, eat whatever you want to.

We see the Bollywood Divas, wearing designer clothes, walk on ramp and all they have a toned body, stunning silhouettes.But it requires a hell lot of hard work. Check out what Alia Bhatt, Deepika, Sonam are doing to maintain their body fitness.

Watch these videos, motivate yourself and stay healthy.

Try this diet plan and share your experience below in the comment box 🙂



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One thought on “My Weight Loss Story – Stay Healthy & Pretty Always!

  1. really happy that things worked out for you so well. i can imagine, weight loss is not easy and doing it in a healthy way is more tough. kudos

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